The Dead Man and Being Happy

The Dead Man and Being Happy

Buenos Aires. On the top floor of a hospital, a Spaniard that has lived half his life in Argentina realizes that he is dying. This old hired killer -tough, funny and tender- runs away with a happy load of morphine, and starts a trip up North, heading nowhere in particular. A girl he finds on the road will be his loyal companion along five thousand kilometres of black comedy.

El Muerto is the story of a Spanish man in Argentina who one day becomes aware on the upper floor of a hospital in Buenos Aires of his approaching death. He decides to escape, to flee ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John Eric D (de) wrote: Damn it should be better. I'm such a huge fan that I was so disappointed on what they have done here. There's so much more in this film as David Belle's bad ass stunts is still alive and kicking

Zachary M (us) wrote: Artistic and visually interesting to see. What the film lacks is any kind of attachment to the main character. You don't feel sympathy for him, you're not supposed to, but you don't feel utter hatred for him. He's a character who you should disgust for, but I just don't care that much either way. It would put that more on the story than the acting, which is admittedly very strong, especially from Tom Hardy.

Homer H (jp) wrote: humanis dan menyentuh

Matt M (it) wrote: A 35-year-old man who was locked inside a tenement house by his mother, who used him for sex, steps outside for the first time. The anti-Forrest Gump film, a view on the corrupt world through the innocent eyes of his lead character. Emotional connection is lacking through most of the film, though the gritty style is fearlessly repellent.

Kyle C (ca) wrote: Mel Gibson is back in the lead role, with a vengeance, and i mean that in every sense of the word cause he is out for vengeance against the person or people involved in the murder of his daughter. It reminds you a little bit of the 2009 movie taken but it is a little different. Gibson does a good job at keeping up the suspense and there are a lot of shooting deaths in this, especially in the third act, but overall a pretty intense thriller with a good story.

Ben T (es) wrote: Cute movie with a great Robin Williams performance.

Thomas D (it) wrote: The Star Trek series has had its fair share of ups and downs with the previous 5 films, but luckily 'The Undiscovered Country' rights some of the wrongs of past entries all while presenting a fitting finale to the original crew's story. The film sees the return of the entire original Enterprise crew for one last ride. Much like the previous 5 films, it developed its own distinct story. Instead of saving wales, the crew were thrust into a mystery surrounding the death of the Klingon leader. The mystery behind why Kirk and Bones were charged with his murder is really what I appreciated most about the film. Instead of a largely comedic take or a space bound CGI fest, it was grounded with real mystery leaving the enterprise crew with one last epic task.Now the mystery doesn't necessarily last all that long if you realize how the film set up the story, but that also doesn't take away from the execution. As cheesy as the last 15 minutes are, it's hard not to feel a rush of emotion and a great sense of finality. I also appreciated how they took the Klingon side of things and brought it full circle as Kirk's regret and anger towards his son's death definitely plays a role.Even amongst the heavy mystery, we do get some great space action with improved visuals the 3rd act. As much as I think there have been much better entries in the series, The Undiscovered Country is about as fitting of a send-off for Shatner and crew as any Trek fan could have asked for. With an added intelligent script with important themes explored within the context of an epic conclusion, there's more than enough good material for fans and non-fans alike.+Satisfying conclusion+Mystery centric+Involvement of the Klingons-Cheesy-Some clumsy elements7.2/10