The Dead of Night

The Dead of Night

A group of teenagers hold a party in a cemetery. Several of the teens turn into evil and ugly demonic creatures after being attacked by a hideous monster in said cemetery. The possessed kids go after the other teens who are still normal. Will any of them manage to remain human?

A group of teenagers hold a party in a cemetery. Several of the teens turn into evil and ugly demonic creatures after being attacked by a hideous monster in said cemetery. The possessed ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Dead of Night torrent reviews

Rob M (ag) wrote: It was not too bad but it showed the military guys true to life. I think people want their heroes so it got worse reviews for that. Not great but very watchable.

Mats V (ca) wrote: It has been a long time since I related so much to a movie about relationships as with this one.

Bill B (gb) wrote: This was a film that I had always thought somehow couldn't be as bad as all the various reviews portrayed it to be, but holy shit, it was JUST AS BAD as they said and I'm sorry for doubting you, Internet culture.Just awful, I'd say avoid it.

Jason T (us) wrote: ...el stinko. convoluted plot, wooden acting, and stilted script. not even the combined D list power of Danny Trejo and Lance Henriksen could redeem this film...

Maya H (au) wrote: Unoriginal, but I never watched these kinds of movies so it felt original to me. The characters felt genuine, too. A little cheap and cheesy at times and the main character, while genuine, is annoying at times too.

Adam R (ag) wrote: Artie Lange does his best John Belushi impersonation for the feature-running-length of this movie, entirely missing the wit and charm of the seminal fat goofball comedian who came before him. Artie DeVanzo (Lange; you can tell he's a good actor when his character's first name is the same as his) is the leader of a shitty softball team. Predictable sex, drugs, and liquor-related shenanigans predictably ensue in this lame, National Lampoon-wannabe that unsuccessfully copies the "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story" formula while spoofing "A League of Their Own." PredictablyThankfully, the movie does have one bright spot: Seymour Cassel, whose profane dick of an old guy adds some much-needed humor to the melange of idiocy that surrounds him.

Zaar D (kr) wrote: who didn't the Nazis hate?

bill s (ag) wrote: Great visuals and an interesting premise but not a very good script sinks this film.

Stefan G (es) wrote: It's a film you may not have heard of, but I remember from when I was a kid. The special effects had a charm when I was a kid, but don't now. The plot isn't too good, because the human characters are bad enough that the plot allows the toy-sized dinosaurs to overshadow them. Besides, it kind of comes across as a Jurassic Park knock-off, especially if you consider the fact that both were released the same year. It can be mildly funny, but that's mostly due to the many innuendos scattered throughout the movie. You'd have be really young, or at least young at heart to truly enjoy this movie, but it's actually not bad.

(mx) wrote: It's a chaotic and relatively fun film, although the characters and not particularly edifying and the dialogue loses its way with boring scenes. It's a pretty narcissistic world, selling itself as cool and stylish. And so despite itself, it's a tragedy.

Felipe F (gb) wrote: Thunderbolt & Lightfoot benefits from the dynamics between Jeff Bridges and Clint Eastwood to deliver a fine road movie about friendship and crime.

John O (ag) wrote: First-class documentary on the Gallipoli campaign, told not just from the Allied but also the Turkish point of view. Plenty of fascinating archival photos and footage, and informative talking heads. But what brings the documentary alive - renders it quite haunting - are the soldiers' letters home, from which numerous extracts are read. The final letter, from a Turkish officer to his parents when he understands that very, very probably he is going to die, is almost unbearably poignant.

Jeff B (it) wrote: Was actually somewhat funny in the beginning but turned just plain stupid.

Kaj P (es) wrote: In the category of being so bad that it amuses somehow. We need those to fully appreciate the good movies we see in our lives. ;)

Matthew L (es) wrote: Following in the grand tradition of films such as 'Godzilla Vs Mecha Godzilla' and being nowhere near as entertaining as it should be.