The Dead One

The Dead One

A voodoo priestess sends out zombies to bring back live victims for her sacrificial rituals.

A voodoo priestess sends out zombies to bring back live victims for her sacrificial rituals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brett M (kr) wrote: Not as good as the first one.

Alice S (de) wrote: An abused wife flees her sadistic cop-husband and learns to love again with a widower and his kids in what could be a Lifetime movie - complete with big twist ending! - save for the big name actors and director. Julianne Hough shows incredible vibrancy and emotional range out on the dance floor, but in summoning bodily restraint for a film role, she becomes a personality vacuum. Josh Duhamel seems at home enough as the hunky and jovial single dad, and David Lyons really creeps it up as the corrupt and deranged abuser, hot on his wife's trail. The movie is heavy on the folksy charm of a seaside tourist town and only skin-deep with the abuse recovery, but it's still guiltily watchable.

David W (fr) wrote: A ridiculous watch of a film, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter provides that so bad that it is good kind of way

Shaylyn C (kr) wrote: it needs paul walker

alyssa s (kr) wrote: its kwl not scary or funny jus randomm

Ben K (jp) wrote: Very solid action/thriller brought down only by Derek Luke's horrible performance.

Christopher S (br) wrote: One of the most powerful films I have ever seen. Rosewood shows something small could spark a riot spree if the powder keg is nearby. Sure, a lot of historically based films have accuracy issues and generalization issues (such as the entire white population becoming a lynch mob, the entire black community hiding in the swamps), but John Singleton told a great story from many perspectives. This film was also great for its cast. Don Cheadle was not well known at the time but he showed amazing ability as the tough and outspoken Sylvester. Ving Rhames was also great as Mann and his scenes with Jon Voight were amazingly done. Great film, definitely worth seeing despite the inaccuracies.

Danny T (ag) wrote: loved it back in the day

Brett B (ca) wrote: Low grade nonsense, but it has its charms, namely the goofy makeup design for the "creature," and Whit Bissell giving his all. An ultimate example of drive-in horror fare of the 1950s.

danster b (br) wrote: A Chiller Theatre classic. Very iconic werewolf make-up.

Rodney E (ag) wrote: Cheesey and maybe I'm being too nice rating this three stars but My Tutor is a good romp. T and A, funny moments that may be intentional or not, and Crispin Glover in something that he is embarassed to be in

Dave (us) wrote: One of John Wayne's best non-western films.