The Deadliest Lesson

The Deadliest Lesson

Awful idiot teacher stumbles upon murder, withholds information from the police, and almost gets killed for it.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Awful idiot teacher stumbles upon murder, withholds information from the police, and almost gets killed for it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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glorria g (it) wrote: Vedrana Rudan - Croatian writer writes: "I wonder if Angela Jolie would dare to make a film about the love between an American soldier and an Iraqi woman whose entire family was killed by the American army?"

Melina H (it) wrote: Informative, topical & will have you thinking twice about education vs. medication.

Chad D (fr) wrote: Just like its predecessor, Hatchet II tries hard to break the generic slasher mold by trying to produce a film that leans towards comedy. The problem is that its not original anymore, and failed to produce many laughs. A lot like its predecessor, the "so bad its good" quality seems to be dug into the ground too much, creating a hard film to enjoy.

Ben H (us) wrote: It had its quirks. Especially with Gad Elmaleh's character who gets intangled with thinking he's a bartender while pretending he's something else.If a foreign film is done well, and very intriguing, the "work" aspect goes away and rather quickly I might add. Talking films with lots of people I've come to realize that there's a market for foreign films, lots of people love them, however, others don't want to "work" to watch a movie. They just want to relax. In other words, while trying to figure out what's going on, they don't want another thing to do, like "having to" read all throughout the film. Hors de Prix overcomes all of this.Besides Audrey's stunning appearances in all the glamour outfits that showcase her body quite well, the chemistry between the leads as well as the suporting characters and the mood were exactly what they needed to be to give off the right element for the right time. For instance, the element of suspense. The leads were trying not to get caught with their love intanglements.The element of seduction and passion were there, Audrey's persona and appearance played a major part of this. However, overall the movie was more and all around a quirky, funny movie, just done in a sexy way. So not slapstick comedy, more "witty-yet-quirky" comedy.It made me want to raise my level of charm and attend a sophisticated party/event, wearing a fine garment. Ladies, eat your heart out ... you just may see me there!

Carlos G (fr) wrote: Kurt Russell is merely snaky. The car chase was a little much. Robert Rodriguez flick was cool but extra cheesy so whatever.

Adam G (br) wrote: Much funnier than expected. a new stifler is in town.

Vctor P (nl) wrote: It lives inside your head for a while. Awesome movie.

Kate P (ru) wrote: Interesting social commentary, slightly intruiging story featuring Most Annoying Protagonist Ever. But sort of explains the issues with places we kind of think of as paradise, especially as pertains to the good ol' welfare system. Also just kind of a whole movie about one guy getting off his ass, which was nice to see, if prolonged. I thought this was in places unnecessarily explicit, but hey, it's Iceland.Also, cool Hamlet references.

shelly b (ru) wrote: An interesting film, though I found it a bit confusing as to who or what Tomie really was in the end.

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