The Deadly Duo

The Deadly Duo

The plot involves patriots during the Sung Dynasty and their attempts to rescue a kidnapped prince from Ching troops who have invaded the north of China. The patriots are led by Ti Lung who recruits a mysterious but seemingly superhuman fighter played by David Chiang to find a way to cross a perilous bridge to enter an impregnable fortress to locate and rescue the imprisoned prince. The big confrontation at the end involves trickery on the part of the heroes and the self-sacrifice of one of their number as David, who is not known to the enemy, brings in Ti as his `prisoner' to turn over to the Chings, as a way of gaining entrance. Then he cuts Ti's bonds and all hell breaks loose.

A prince of the Sung Dynasty has been taken prisoner by Ching invaders and is being held in an impenetrable fortress by elite men of the Ching. A group of fighters loyal to the Sung set out... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roxanne O (fr) wrote: Adorable but corny. When I originally saw the title, I thought this was going to be about the struggles we American 20-somethings go through after high school and college. Instead, the writer of this film managed to co-op something I find very serious, and make it about a guy who can't decide whether the girl he's been with for years is "the one" just because he's getting bored and she's getting restless. From a rom-com standpoint, it was cute, if predictable. But from the point of someone actually going through a quarter-life crisis, I was highly disappointed. This guy has a full-time job, his own place, a woman in the same position who lives with him, they're both about to get promoted...and he's miserable?? Pass. It's a bunch of well-off (compared to most people in this country) 20-somethings complaining about a whole lotta nothin'!

Amina E (gb) wrote: An updated version of the classic book. Full of teen angst, mother/daughter relationship and guy troubles, with a few laughs thrown in, this film isn't the best version.. Jamie Lee Curtis however steals the show with her spectacular performance.. making it easier to watch.

Charlie M (jp) wrote: American female tourists are caught smuggling narcotics in this sappy law drama. The young girls spend years trying to get expedited back to the U.S. with no success. Danes does a good job with the material she's given while Beckinsale just puts her head down and plays the pessimist. It's basically a "Midnight Express " for the new generation who are too lazy to watch the 1978 classic instead of this nonsense.

Abbey F (mx) wrote: The last of the series (thus far). Very interesting to see how everyone turned out and how closely they resemble who they were at age 7.

Irvin C (de) wrote: It's easy to forget that John Ford isn't only a great Western director, he's a great director period. This film is an excellent example of that. 4 one-act plays by Eugene O'Neill set aboard a merchant ship is woven into one feature. John Wayne is topbilled and plays a Swedish (!) crew member, suffice to say he isn't all that convincing as one. However, the rest of the ensemble is simply outstanding especially Thomas Mitchell. This film also features Gregg Toland's beautiful black & white cinematography (you can definitely see why Orson Welles picked him to lens "Citizen Kane").

Scott R (au) wrote: A poor use of resources to tell this story. It did make me homesick for Vienna.