The Deadly Females

The Deadly Females

Toothsome Tracy Reed (remember her in Dr. Strangelove and A Shot in the Dark?) heads the cast of Deadly Females. The ladies in question are female assassins, specializing in knocking off lascivious males. Like the proverbial black widow spider, the girls lure their victims with promises of sexual favors, then strike when said victims are exhausted. Naturally, this requires plenty of exposed female flesh.

Joan (Tracy Reed) is uncrowned queen of a generation of gorgeous women who take time off their regular day jobs to earn extra income as paid assassins. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charlotte W (ca) wrote: What a great "weird" movie

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Sonya W (nl) wrote: Bruce lee and James Coburn as Writers. (Must be written a few years earlier since Bruce was murdered in 77, on my bday-wah! Per IMDB: Martial Arts / Violence / Sorcery / Philosophy / Nudity-what more could you want?