The Deadly Spawn

The Deadly Spawn

Two campers in the New Jersey woods have their outdoor fun interrupted by the arrival of a meteorite crashing nearby. They go to investigate the crater, but are suddenly attacked and devoured by alien parasites who have hitched a ride to Earth. After finishing off the campers, the hungry space monsters head for a nearby town, where they make their domain in the basement of an old house soon begin polishing off one hapless inhabitant after another. Four young teenagers, plus one pre-teen boy, try to find a way to stop the angry space monsters before they reproduce and literally eat humanity.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:1983
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   umbrella,   fire,  

Alien creatures invade a small town and a group of four teenagers, plus one little boy, try to escape from them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniele C (it) wrote: The standard comedy of contemporary Italian cinema (which is ok in itself, but it's a shame if compared to the Maestros of Italian cinema in the 60's and 70's)

Daniela P (us) wrote: Lovely!!! Strong characters vigorously portrayed; I loved the role of "grand maman", simple and straightforward, in the scene saying "Who are they, God, to tell us [people from the Old World] if we are good or not to enter the New World"

Carey M (nl) wrote: bad movie. Terrible dialogue. Frequent spontanous, unneccessary sex scenes. The main villain was a David Carradine impersonator. The succubus had the shittiest looking devil horns I've ever seen. A gun was fired like 3 times. Action was terrible. This film had promise but failed on all levels.

erika (gb) wrote: I remember getting into this movie as a teenager and would watch it over, and over again.

Andy P (br) wrote: Errol Morris' second documentary feature is an interesting curiosity that gives the spotlight to a disparate bunch of quirky, perhaps eccentric, endearing and ultimately very memorable residents of Vernon.

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Samuel M (ag) wrote: Otro caso como el de Almost Human. Me sabe mal tener que criticar duramente un proyecto como Harbinger Down, en el que se ven por todos lados las ganas y pasin que sus creadores pusieron a la hora de trabajar en l, especialmente en los efectos especiales...pero es imposible no ver el desastre que es.No tener dinero no es excusa para tener un guin malo, en el que se nota la inexperiencia de sus escritores (prefiero pensar eso a que sea alguien con experiencia...). Es simpln, tonto, a nivel de un chaval de secundaria y lo peor de todo es que intenta "copiar" a La Cosa, a cada menor momento...pero con unas ideas y berborrea pseudo-cientfica a nivel de una pelcula de la Sci Fy.Las actuaciones son aun peores que las desastrosas lneas de dilogo que sus actores escupen. Los planos son tan simples que parecen sacados de un proyecto de final de carrera...Prcticamente lo nico salvable son los efectos y tampoco es que sean TAN buenos, pero al menos demuestran amor por el maquillaje y lo prosctico.Una lstima, haba ganas, pero nada de talento detrs.

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