The Deal

The Deal

It is approaching an election in the UK when the leader of the Labour party, John Smith, suffers another in a line of heart attacks and dies. With the leadership campaign about to start the clear choice appears to be Gordon Brown, a stanch Scotsman. However Tony Blair is also beginning to appear more likely as he will appeal to Southern voters who would be turned off by Brown. Blair rings Brown to arrange a meeting to discuss which will go for the job. The film flashbacks to the start of their relationship, sharing an office in Westminster on their first seats.

Follows the rise to power of Tony Blair, and his friendship and rivalry with his contemporary, Gordon Brown. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shobhit S (jp) wrote: vishal bhardwaj with his amazing sense of subtle screenplay and yet making it interesting for the audience to follow the story. the amazing dialogues which takes you into the depth of the vision of the writer binds you and your subconscious. Thanks to him that art of story telling is still alive in bollywood.

Mark W (ca) wrote: "Come Back To Me" was surprisingly (read "unexpectedly" ) watchable. While the acting was not superb, the originality of its idea kept me watching and the ending (as others have said) presents a nice plot twist to finish things out. Nathan Keyes portrays the new creepy neighbor splendidly while the premise of an immaculate conception really starts to bring things together for the viewer. All in all, this is not the most complex film, but it is perfect for a cold, dark night. Make sure to have your popcorn and chocolates on hand to fully enjoy this one.

Dann M (au) wrote: Poorly crafted and idiotic, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation is crazy personified. After a group of students coming back from their high school prom break down on the back roads of Texas they fall into the trap of a group of psychopathic killers. Renee Zellweger and Matthew McConaughey lead the cast and give decent performances, but the rest of the cast is just terrible. And, once again the series sacrifices scares for the crazy and bizarre. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation is an atrocious film that has no point.

Daniel M (de) wrote: I remember nothing about this movie, except that it was my favorite as a kid.

Lec Z (us) wrote: While roaming the dollar DVD bin recently, I picked out this 1990 action movie that stars the late Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee's son. The only movie from Brandon that I had previously seen is probably the only movie of his that you've seen, 1994's "The Crow," which made him a star but cost him his life. He was shot to death during filming of that movie by an improperly loaded gun. I knew that he had done a few minor movies before that but had never seen any. I'm not endorsing "Laser Mission." From the opening credits I could tell that it was very cheaply done. And, at least on this DVD, the audio is about a full second behind the visual! The movie is about a maverick government agent named Michael Gold (played by Lee), who goes on a mission to save a scientist named Braun (Ernest Borgnine), who is being forced by the Soviets to build a nuclear weapon, combining a laser with a huge diamond. Great stuff! Brandon's acting is okay, as is Borgnine's. I like Brandon's sarcastic wit. But much of the rest of the acting is pretty amateur, especially that of his character's love interest, Alissa (Debi Monahan) who might pass for a decent porno actress. The action scenes aren't bad for a low budget movie but the script is weak and loaded with '80s action movie cliches. And it's especially humorous to see Alissa - who looks and acts like a typical blonde, air headed bimbo - joining Michael in blowing away dozens of bad guys! She also does some pretty impressive driving - in a peace wagon, no less - while Michael blows away still more bad guys from the back seat! But there are two things that make the movie worth the dollar for me. One is that parts of it are so bad that they're hilarious, including one time when Brandon and a guy who he's fighting both fall of of a building about 30 feet high and Brandon lands just gets up and walks away! The other guy wasn't so lucky, falling on the spikes of a fence and dying. And the other thing I love about the movie is the music, done by none other than David Knopfler of Dire Straits. He has one straight ahead rocker that is played during the opening credits, closing credits and several times in between. I guess they were either on a tight budget so they could afford little music or they really loved that song! I think it's played six times during the movie! I'm pretty sure that's the only vocal song in the movie. The instrumental stuff is great, too. I detect a little Pink Floyd influence in David's music. One other note of unintentional humor from "Laser Mission," in the movie, Brandon's character wants the mission so bad that he's not doing it for the money. Yet the aforementioned song that's featured over and over is titled "Mercenary Man!"

Nandi C (br) wrote: One of them wacky films but with a mafia twist. Michelle Pfieffer plays a woman married to a mobster but she isn't happy with him; He gives her a nice home, but she isn't satisfied, plus she really isn't feeling the other mafia wives. Her hubby though solves her problem by having an affair with the boss' girlfriend and getting killed when he got careless by the boss man(Dean Stockwell); so she decides to leave the life behind and move into the city with her son, but it catches up with her when the FBI investigates the mob group her husband ran with as well as her since she was with them. Interesting film

Jack G (mx) wrote: disappointing first (official) outing for Leone, with none of the real glorious visual flair and only dashes of the bizarre humor that characterizes his best work- which is everything else he's done aside from this