The Dealer

The Dealer

Hatred generated from an early age between on and Yusuf, ended the first rings migration on to Ukraine and Prison Joseph on his hands in Egypt, and in Ukraine set to allow wife to and Habiba Joseph preceding her newborn son, and works with drug dealers and run away with money to an unknown location, and Joseph travels to Turkey to work in the drug trade, even above the star and Ahlgreman meet again, to finish the story, one of them killed.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Arabic
  • Reference:Imdb
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The Dealer torrent reviews

Isabel Lucia R (br) wrote: One of the best films of the year!!

Ruslan C (ru) wrote: The movie isn't bad. I can relate to characters. The only problem is that it's too long and you quickly start to feel that same emotions are repeated again and again. Also flash-backs confuse at the beginning a lot. On the other hand without chronological twists this movie would be impossible to finish. It's pretty boring already.

Johgh I (br) wrote: Was a decent movie but humangasaur

Tyler P (it) wrote: Surprenant film d'anticipation mexicain.

Jaeyoung L (kr) wrote: crazy crazy stupid funny!!!

Alicia T (br) wrote: One of the best documentaries I have ever seen.

Joseph S (gb) wrote: Because of the movies, we now live twice as long.

Ashley B (mx) wrote: another one that is just wrong, but I love it!

Sondre L (au) wrote: Noen veldig vittige scener, selv om humoren er enkel til tider. Tilgi meg, men jeg syns det er morsomt nr politi-sjefen i fullt alvor sier, "He smart as a gorilla, and strong as a fox, so you be careful"! Haha, det var noe med mten det ble sagt p ogs alts, men uansett. Good stuff, good stuff. Mye nonsense, og ganske godt skuespill jevnt over.

James H (ru) wrote: Powerful anti war documentary, beautifully pieced together with outstanding footage used. Very well narrated, excellent interviews. Fascinating.

gini c (fr) wrote: danny devito always funny

Michael K (gb) wrote: Why did I wait so long to see this? I can see why it's considered the greatest musical of all-time. Glad I purchased it instead of renting as I'm sure to watch this again over the years :)

Jon C (gb) wrote: Beautifully shot Black and White WWII thriller. Cast is solid. The story is a little confusing at times

Thomas H (ru) wrote: Quirky comedy from the 40's.