The Death Kiss

The Death Kiss

The Death Kiss re-unites three of the stars of Dracula in a Hollywood movie-set murder mystery.

While filming the closing scene of "The Death Kiss", leading man Myles Brent is actually killed. Having played around with, or been married to, most of the women connected with the movie ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Death Kiss torrent reviews

Cayo H (ca) wrote: Sad because of how they wasted all that money on the unnecessary

Tooba A (us) wrote: Another typical Tyler Perry movie; however, still managed to keep the mood up and funny.

Michael B (ru) wrote: Better than the first! HOTTT!

Jamie C (gb) wrote: Good sequel but lost some of its magic what made meet the Meet The Parents great, Adding more stars did help but kind of a let down in most places.

Jonathan B (fr) wrote: Van Dame singing in Chinese , Racing carts and spotting knock off jeans . Some of the most unnecessary shots ever in film making :)

Justin W (jp) wrote: I'm an Almododovar fan, but this misses the mark...

Quinto W (ru) wrote: Most of the effects are very dated, yet are still interesting, and the script isn't above being ridiculously dumb at times, but the film has a great sense of fun that makes it enjoyable. 1980s cheesy coolness.

bill s (gb) wrote: This just is not even an ounce of good,easily the worst in this series.

Tim S (es) wrote: Breaker, Breaker is one of those Chuck Norris movies that was pretty much forgotten, but only rediscovered by fans of bad movies. It has some martial arts action in it, but it's also a mix of Convoy, as well. Personally, I've never been much of a Chuck Norris fan, per se. I like him pretty well, but his movies are usually not all that enjoyable. A few are, but not too many. Even if I was, this wouldn't even be in my top ten. Probably my favorite Chuck Norris movie is Silent Running, but like this movie, it's not quite a Chuck Norris movie. The crew from Riffrax recently did a riffing on it, which is the only way I'd recommend it.

Frances H (ca) wrote: Saw this long ago, but it's still an entertaining flick today.

Rick M (es) wrote: Wayne should have turned this movie down. Terrible plot.

David P (kr) wrote: Surprisingly great film. It's a movie I went in as a kid thinking it would be funny, but lame plot. It was actually written way better than expected. Well thought out and funny as all hell. Even as an adult it still holds up very very well. Other than Ghostbusters, this is by far Bill Murray's best movie.

Craig C (br) wrote: Third film in the Sinbad trilogy is a wonderful climax, with solid story, acting and Harryhausen's great stop motion. Good summer fun from 1977.

Steven W (gb) wrote: There's nothing like watching this movie with kids although my kids are adults and we all love Up. The story of an old man and a boy becoming the best of friends through an adventure of epic proportions is just what we needed this evening.