The Deep

The Deep

A pair of young vacationers are involved in a dangerous conflict with treasure hunters when they discover a way into a deadly wreck in Bermuda waters...

The movie follows an undersea adventure of a pair of young vacationers who are involved in a dangerous conflict with treasure hunters when they discover a deadly shipwreck in Bermudan waters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicolette P (ru) wrote: This film may lack effects, camera work and even acting, but the concept and pure science will surely win you over. I wonder what frequency I resonate.

Adam S (jp) wrote: If you are an AVGN fan, you need to see this movie, made by THE NERD himself.

Ian C (de) wrote: A decent documentary but as soon as they landed on American Soil, it came across as staged. One phone call from the step mother and he was grand and prepared to go to the gig. Also, the whole meeting was on a plate for him and it wasn't a case of hunting down Metalicca on their own initiative.

Sora Z (fr) wrote: Vash the Stampede, a.k.a. Humanoid Typhoon, the smart badass lovable goof again turns on another of his misadventures involving power guns, bar fights, bounty hunting, and highlighted by a kickass chick who is out for revenge to the story's antagonist, Gasback. This feels like watching one of the episodes of the series, only an hour and a half longer. The story is so laid-back, and that the conflict of the story seemed a little unexciting, which was disappointing. I was hoping for a story that is more personal to Vash. It would have made more sense to a film adaptation. Still, it was nice seeing Vash the Stampede again.

Angel K (us) wrote: Twisted yet beautiful but not really "scary" more disturbing

Barnaby G (fr) wrote: I could have done a better job of this with my video camera. This is proof that low budget British films can be totally shite.

Brody M (us) wrote: The plot of the movie sounded good so I thought I wouldve liked this flick more then I did.For some reason, The main character reminded me of a cross between Bullet & The Punisher

SUED BY SCIENCE (us) wrote: I love how they wear bunny costumes but nobody notices that they are dudes in suits.

Noname (ca) wrote: Drama/romance movie and better and better through the movie.

Victor R (de) wrote: One of the 20 best comedy movies of the 2000s.

Laura N (gb) wrote: Only 84 minutes? It sure FEELS like it goes on for longer than that. This movie was very hard to sit through because it had no plot and no story.

Dave H (de) wrote: This film came on TV on the weekend, and I thought I'd check out whether it was worth seeing. Oh man, it felt weird typing this title into google. How times have changed, with political correctness and big brother gone rife. Scary. The film itself is a perfect example of how times have changed. Deeply sexist, but very, very '60s, in a mad-men way. Absolutely fascinating looks as the aspirational Manhattan lifestyle back then. The sexual politics are highly suspect today, but the heart of the story is timeless - a happy bachelor who finds the rug ripped from under his feet so suddenly that (despite his growing love for his wife, and the way she treats/loves him) it freaks him out. I really loved the intro sequences of the bachelor pad (divine set and stage work) and the way the lead basis his comic strip drawings on real world recreations of his stories - the precursor of CGI animation. The supporting cast are variable, but Lemmon and Terry are typically brilliant. The imaginative opening and evocative setting relaxes into a ho-hum romantic story and a "murder" courtroom subplot that is pretty weak, and feels a bit tacked on, despite inspiring the title....that title. Whew. Some interesting predictive phrase came up while I was googling "How to Murder..."

Jerem M (gb) wrote: Critics who have described this as little more than a soft-core porno have maybe never seen one before. The sex scenes are not gratuitous. In fact, it comes off as a cheaper female version of Boogie Nights. Except badly written and poorly acted and with no sympathetic characters. However, it actually wins points for being a well-shot, down-to-earth indie. (It tries.)

Steve G (mx) wrote: Craig T. Nelson is evil. Action Jackson is cool. Vanity is so hot. This may be the best representation of '80s Detroit on film, ever.

Steve S (au) wrote: Fanny (2013) : Cette fois-ci, tout repose sur les paules de Daniel Auteuil en tant qu'acteur. Et y a rien faire, il n'arrive pas incarner Csar comme il faut.