The Deep Below

The Deep Below

Will Taylor has nightmares. He dreams of watching his father and aunt being murdered when he was only four years old. Will lives with his troubled uncle Joe Mitchell because his mother remains catatonic from the attack. Joe, who has his own problems with his girlfriend Sarah, has raised Will since the bank robbery that killed his wife and brother-in-law. Back in 1990 the whole town of Canyon Hills had to be moved because a new dam was built to prevent chronic flooding. The original town is now at the bottom of the lake. Will finds out that the stolen bank money was never found and begins diving to recover it and his past. Enter Carl Bennett, the bank robber turned murderer. Just released from prison, he is heading for Canyon Hills to recover the money he left behind. Who will get to it first?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Mystery and danger surround one young man's quest to find the secrets of his past, and the promise of his future in an underwater ghost town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Deep Below torrent reviews

Matt S (es) wrote: I watch some rubbish films - and this is right up there!

Benjamin B (ru) wrote: A very quiet, observant, and sweet film. I love that it's natural and tells a story that I haven't seen portrayed on film before - we always need more of that! The performances were lovely and well done on the whole. There was an honesty to this film that is lacking in so many films that are done on a larger scale. My only major complaint is that it meanders and consequently was longer than it needed to be - but still a great film.

Shane Z (us) wrote: i like the theme song

Rod O (us) wrote: Remember human beings don't control anything, the spirits do.Rocks!? Solid!!!

Andrew C (fr) wrote: Kind of a mess and the plot is so-so. But the action is just fantastic. If you love movies that has a lot of car chasing scenes with big trucks. This is your movie.

Greg W (de) wrote: ms Andrew's TV pic debut dealing with gay children

Joe B (nl) wrote: Best villain out of all 4 of the Reeve films, but seriously a human woman can be in space untouchable... Rlly Warner bros... Rlly... What the heck DC! Best villain but this movie sucks hard (2/5)

Michael G (mx) wrote: So incredibly disappointing. I've heard about this for years before I saw it and it just seemed like a bunch of uninspiring home movie footage pieced together. I know it was the 70s and everything, but COME ON....!!!!

Conrad T (es) wrote: A good musical at that time. But a bit boring to see for now. Mark Lester and Jack Wild were both cute kids.

Greg W (de) wrote: Three Coins in the Fountain offers the splendors of Rome in Technicolor, CinemaScope and Stereophonic Sounds

Angel Q (nl) wrote: This movie was full of suspense and I love both Maria Bello and Stephen Dorff in just about anything.

Diana B (ag) wrote: too much like other movies done better