The Deep End

The Deep End

With her husband Jack perpetually away at work, Margaret Hall raises her children virtually alone. Her teenage son is testing the waters of the adult world, and early one morning she wakes to find the dead body of his gay lover on the beach of their rural lakeside home. What would you do? What is rational and what do you do to protect your child? How far do you go and when do you stop?

Upon finding out her gay son Beau is having a sexual affair the disputable 30-year-old night club owner named Darby, Margaret demands Darby not to see her son again.She did not expect that Darby is found dead the next morning, leading to her struggle to protect the son from crime investigation.. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrey B (kr) wrote: Much worse than the original, even funny at times, but still has its own moments of terror.

Dori N (nl) wrote: I love this movie - a realistic rendering of the classic story; a platonic relationship turning into something much more... The chemistry between Milla Jovovich & David Krumholtz is fun to watch every time.

Cameron J (fr) wrote: Sports films are boring and if "Chariots of Fire" taught us anything, that rule applies even to films where we get a close view of people running. Wow, when you say it, that actually does sound boring, but not in your head and, well, not here. Man, Jared Leto and his charisma cracked the code and made an entertaining sports film. Of course, what can you expect from a rocker? Oh wait, he's contemporary. Sorry Jared, but no matter how much you yell about kings and queens, if you're not playing Freddie Mercury, I'm not interested, but mostly because you've got to get back into films, because no matter what Edward Norton says, that beautiful thing of yours called acting is far from destroyed... I said only having just seen film he did almost "fifteen" ago. Still, when his career was first blooming, ... Jared Leto was already in movies no one had heard about, which isn't to say that he wasn't good in them, because he really was, and although he carries this film, he doesn't entirely carry it away from its flaws. As I said earlier, the film isn't particularly boring, like most sports films, but I never said that it wasn't captivating. It's not that the subject isn't fascinating, which it is, but the themes they use in the film, while rather inventive in the biopic genre, aren't handled very well. The film features segments where they show a montage of interviews with Prefontaine's loved ones. It's not quite like "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind", for instead of incorporating that theme in every now and then, this film overdoes that for a long time, making the film feel so much like a documentary and stripping of it of its intimate tone, leaving to feel hollow and unengaging. However, those segments come and go, but when they do finally go, there's such a dent left by the documentary theme and the transitions between the themes are barely palpable, making it hard to get back into the film. Still, getting back into the film would be a much more demanding task were it not for, of course... the great soundtrack. Oh yeah, and let's not forget the acting. Ed O'Neill and R. Lee Ermey are playing... well, Ed O'Neill and R. Lee Ermey. Still, the two are as charismatic as a coach can get and they work wonders off of Jared Leto, establishing a chemistry that's not terribly explored, yet strong enough for you to enjoy their time together. Still, no matter what, if it's a scene with Jared Leto, it's enjoyable. Okay, now, as much as I've been praising him, he's not terribly stellar, but only because he's not written to be. Still, what he is given to do he milk's for all it's worth with his charisma, emoting and captivatingly striking authenticity as Steve Prefontaine. Still, he's not simply tranforming into Prefontaine. Prefontaine, himself, went through some changes, and Leto's impressively careful, but effective execution of every layer and characteristic in Prefontaine really does top off his transformation and makes him quite a strong enough lead to carry this film from its beginning to its solid ending. At the end of the race, its messily-handled storytelling techniques put a dent in the engagement value, but with a strong story, carried by an excellent Jared Leto and his chemistry with the charming cast, "Prefontaine" ultimately stands as an entertaining and satisfying study on the rise of the late, great legend of the track. 3/5 - Good

Guido S (it) wrote: An early film from Paul Thomas Anderson. A gambler takes a young gambler under his wings and shows him how to work the system and make a living off of it. Eventually the young protege becomes involved with a cocktail waitress and he eventually comes to learn some bad information about his mentor. A pretty decent movie if it is a bit of a slow burn. A pretty solid cast from John Reilly, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Samuel L. Jackson, and Philip Baker Hall.

Mark W (nl) wrote: This is probably one of the greatest things I've ever seen.

Jonna V (kr) wrote: "Better wed than dead"

Spike V (es) wrote: A very thrilling Noir film, where Dragnet (both the radio and the TV show) drew the inspiration from, that narrates the antisocial behavior of Roy Martin, that goes from a petty criminal to antisocial menace. The movier works around actual police procedures in a classic fashion. Surely recomended for CSI-like TV show fans and Sin City fans.

Kenny A (es) wrote: Very suspenseful my eyes were glued to the screen

Brad G (nl) wrote: "Why Do You Want To See So Much?" Mad Scientist Ray Milland invents some pretty potent eye drops that empower him with X-Ray Vision. When a table of tightwad businessmen refuse to fund his research, he does it anyway thanks to some irresponsible friends and a monkey. Of course the eye drops cause madness and murder and Milland must hide in a freakshow managed by the huckster Don Rickles. Roger Corman had directed 37 films prior to this one, and a bunch of those are better than this...but a bunch of those are also much worse than X. And that's where I'd rank it--The Middle. VF.

Guillaume H (gb) wrote: Goes from great to awful 100 times ,every few minutes. Stylish and dark,then campy and stupid, then back to atmospheric and evocative of a vintage that may not have existed before. Terrible acting can also be read as performance art, in a way, where the actors conveys a myth more than a realistic approach to storytellling. Many unfathomably dense actions can be read as symbolic ( or they might just be dumb, you decide). One little trouble ; as much as its bloody gory and juicy, its never for a second actually frightening, not once did i jump, and thats a problem. IIts just stylish 70/80s gore, with blood pouring out unaligned with any of the wounds.Terrific ideas, terrible execution in between. Southern disregard for workers on top and disdain of workers union makes it politically irritating but in this case its irrelevant. The main draw is the fear, pure dumbstruck fear, that makes the caracters so stupid you want to slash them yourself so they can snap out of it. It is said the oeniric qualities absolve this film from making sense, so to this i say; they got Lucky this time. Otherwise, what do these caracters need to understand afer twelve test trials to prove the point; shoot. in.the. Head. This being said : an unfuriating classic, no thanks to the staff, just thanks to time itself.