The Defender

The Defender

A corrupt businessman commits a murder and the only witness is the girlfriend of another businessman with close connections to the Chinese government, so a bodyguard from Beijing is dispatched to help two Hong Kong cops protect the witness.

A woman who witnessed a gangland murder falls for the bodyguard hired to protect her. And it's when complications arise because the bodyguard and the witness must confront their deep feelings for one another. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Defender torrent reviews

Stewart F (br) wrote: Make this one of the films you watch in 2017...

Bradley H (au) wrote: Bette Davis gives a startling and creepy performance as Southern golddigger Regina Giddens. One of the best performances of all time.

Ashwini G (nl) wrote: Let's start at the surface. At first look 'Maati Maay' seems to be asimple story. A village is horrified by a cannibalistic ghoul (NanditaDas). The villagers do all in their power to keep their children awayfrom her. Isolated, the ghoul finds no company, no sympathy. Until oneday she bumps into Bhagirath (Kshitij Gavande), a sharp school kidinnocently strolling around the village. Bhagirath fortunately isaccompanied by his father, Narsu (Atul Kulkarni), who shields him fromher evil hexes. Narsu shoos the evil lady away. Intrigued, Bhagirathasks his father how the woman got herself into such a predicament.Narsu's answer unfolds as a dark and dreamlike journey that revealshis connection with this ghoul.The story telling (at least for the first part of the movie) is fastand crisp. Chilling, yet at places touching. It's only after we'rewell into the movie that things start to lose pace. The imagery isstrictly ok, although the use of reflections in some places is faulty.It is uncertain whether this film was intended to be more of realisticcinema or dramatic or probably maintain a balance of both. There arescenes that scare you and others that just keep dragging on. Thebackground chorus meant to enhance the emotion works only for somemoments before it becomes a revealer. The score gets sour too.Towards the end one questions the characters. Especially Chandi. Forwhen she lost her ancestral occupation the defeat of pride is devotedjust a few minutes, the film rather delves into casteism,superstition, post pregnancy pains (although necessary for the story)and there's a slight, and totally unnecessary, mention of corruptbureaucracy. The transition of our leading lady's from the clever,modern minded village woman to an outcaste is rather uncomfortablyshort.Finally one leaves the cinema wondering if the whole story was just a metaphor taken too seriously. And even wishing that it was.

Bruno C (mx) wrote: What a refreshing subdued and fairly new take on Mexican independent cinema! The narrative of the script was excellent, the character acting very subtle and perfect for the film, cinematography superb in the locations chosen in urban Mexico City. Kudos also for the excellent choice of music and original music soundtrack. This is your quirky indie and unlikely comedic love story, of two middle-age reclusive and quiet single people (which seems a little more ironic as it takes place in the middle of one of the largest cities in the world): Marina wins an all-inclusive 10 day trip to a beach resort but has no one to go with despite her best efforts, Victor is a lonely single guy definitely in search of a change in his life, be it a new apartment or a girl in his life. Victor, by chance, bumps into Marina in a cafe/bakery, recognizing her from middle school. Although Marina really doesn't remember Victor in the least bit, he gives her his number in hopes of a date. Marina kinda forgets about this encounter, though as her search for a companion on her trip comes up empty, she calls Victor and quickly hopes that he'll accompany her to the beach resort. It's a story of two strangers both searching to fulfill a need. And while it's apparent this is not going to be any typical "romance in the making" due to each of the protagonists having different goals, something does happen in the impending awkward dates that lead up to the day of the dream vacation. The film plays with camera POV as much as it plays with the audiences perception in the quiet moments the couple share together. Another great part of the film was the owner of the uniforms store (who awards Marina that trip in a sort of raffle), played by veteran Ana Ofelia Murgua. Her backdrop to the story leaves another "fairytale" irony for the audience as we follow the protagonists.Couple "Prpados Azules" with "Temorada de Patos" (Duck Season) and a few other recent independent Mexican films...and it seems like a few Mexican directors are being inspired by the indie films of the last couple decades in the US. Previous Mexican indie films are often a bit too caught up in making a bold socio-political statements taking an avantgarde approach and often lose the simplicity and personal touch that we have here with "Prpados Azules".Not recommended for folks with ADD, or for those looking for your typical Hollywood (or Hollywood-esque) comedy/romance. This one's artsy, slow, awkward, uncomfortable, realistic (in a quirky sense), and funny just with how the whole scenario sets up. Recommended for indie hipsters :P

Melonie O (jp) wrote: Canadian comedy about emotionally screwed up adults. Involves a chainsaw, lake fishing, campfires, cliff jumping, marshmellows and of course drinking.

Pete G (br) wrote: Weird film thats set out like a documentary as u only see the characters in one scene but as i got into it i slightly enjoyed it but not a recommendation

PY C (fr) wrote: This movie is just too slow for my liking. Coincidentally I am a foreigner living in Japan but I can't 100% be in the same shoes as them.

Jason G (kr) wrote: Story portrayed as interestingly as possible. Christensen well-cast as someone reprehensible.

Nathaniel S (es) wrote: An on-the-spot documentary that shows the true horror, panic and confusion that reigned on that fateful day that is the title. It sometimes lulls into sentimentality with its narration, and drags towards the end, but there's absolutely no denying the emotional power of the images. Ultimately a worthy love letter to the brotherhood of firefighting.g and the bravery it involves.

David D (ru) wrote: With an interesting but okay story, and amazing action sequences and incredible stunts, Cradle 2 the Grave is a film that can be an option if there's nothing good to see or watch

Luciene C (ru) wrote: Um pequeno conto sobre grandes problemas.

Natasha C (ag) wrote: Chilli has a cameo appearance

Panta O (jp) wrote: There it is: another "historical" movie, good one I'll say, but with no accuracy at all! Why directors cannot at least, try to make an honest movie with things that actually happened. Don't tell me that the life of Marquis de Sade wasn't exciting enough that the screenwriters had to mix up the events and add things that never happened! The director Philip Kaufman's movie re-imagines the last years of the Marquis' incarceration in the insane asylum at Charenton... and does that really well with the help of the stars Geoffrey Rush as the Marquis de Sade, Joaquin Phoenix as the Abb du Coulmier, Michael Caine as Dr. Royer-Collard, and Kate Winslet as laundress Madeleine "Maddie" LeClerc. Rush was exceptional, which resulted in nominations for an Oscar and a Golden Globe. About the factual inaccuracies, writers said they were not making a biography of de Sade, but exploring issues such as censorship, pornography, sex, art, mental illness, and religion... but somehow they managed to do all that simplifying de Sade's complex life! Overall experience was positive, and you could enjoy this R rated movie if you are ready to accept that most of it is a product of imagination, not real events.

Denise A (ca) wrote: A great movie to watch with your kids on Halloween.

Leann D (gb) wrote: Documentary Miles Bekowitz

Adam M (es) wrote: Movie that has simply no luck to being watchable or funny.

Johnathon W (br) wrote: Twisted crime noir that, like all of David Lynch's films, is an acquired taste, but for his fans, this a feast. The cast is superb across the board, with Kyle MacLachlan excellent as a young man who quickly finds himself in over his head, while Isabella Rossalina makes a fine femme fatale. The highlight is Dennis Hopper, who's Frank is one of the most twisted villains in cinema, yet you find moments of sympathy even when he is doing horrible things. Behind the camera, Lynch brings his version of a crime mystery to the big screen and is not really critical of American suburban life (based on the ending, Lynch seems to endorse it) but mainly of ignoring the dark underbelly underneath. It is full of classic Lynch eccentricities (Dean Stockell's impromptu karaoke comes to mind) but for his fans, this is a good as it gets.

Jason N (ag) wrote: Great movie. Even better when it's in black and white.

Michael S (nl) wrote: I just ordered this on Amazon and can't wait to see it! The only other Mexican film I have ever seen is the one about the flag...

Simon I (de) wrote: Recommend this one, contains loads of faces you will recognise from various other movies made around the same time.One of the best british world war two movies made i think.Give it a go.