The Demolitionist

The Demolitionist

A murdered police officer is brought back to life by a cold-hearted scientist to serve as "The Demolitionist", the ultimate crime-fighting weapon in a city overrun by criminals and internal corruption

A murdered police officer is brought back to life by a cold-hearted scientist to serve as "The Demolitionist", the ultimate crime-fighting weapon in a city overrun by criminals and internal... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather M (mx) wrote: Debby Ryan's character is very annoying in the beginning, but I guess that is the point. As she gets deeper into her wishes and changing people and events she starts to grow on you and you really hope she figures out what she is doing. After being magically aged things take a crazy turn for the unbelievable and get her back on track to having the best 16th birthday ever.

Don S (br) wrote: This is well done and amounts to a very satisfying ending to the tv series. The team takes on two of its enemies on different fronts and is really put through the motions. Again, as with Continuum, if you weren't a fan of the show, you're not going to understand what is going on or who the characters are. It's a shame they didn't continue with these movies.

Kenny B (au) wrote: This story takes place in Little Athens, but it could've happened anywhere.Starring: Jorge Garcia, DJ Qualls, Michael Pena, Kenny Morrison, Jill Ritchie, John Patrick Amedori, Eric Szmanda, Michelle Horn,Erica Leerhson, Rachel MinerThis is the saying that runs across the screen as you turn on the film. It rings true and gives you a sign of things to come, it gives you insight that this film is about to show you some things things that you may not want to see. Like every town in todays society you can find your rough parts . Little Athens is no different, it is problematic if you want to find it. Jimmy (Amerdori) is a teenager who got in debt because of betting, he needs to pay the money back or else it may be his life on the line. So he steals drugs and trys to sell them. Carlos (Pena) and his friend Jess (Ritchie) were having it out because of her dysfunctional relationship with her on and off again boyfriend Aaron (Morrison). Carlos doesnt think Aaron is good for Jess, but Jess continues to believe that he will change. Corey ( Qualls) and his buddy/roomate Pedro (Garcia) are known trouble makers when they need money, but when Coreys sister Emily ( Horn) comes to town they agree to try and stay out of trouble, until they are evicted from there house. Heather( Leerhson) and Allison (Miner) are best friends and Heather is trying to deal with her suspected of cheating cop boyfriend Derek (Szmanda). All of this comes to a head at one party, when all these people end up there, and things get out of hand. Little Athens is a small town in Arizona, where everyone knows each other and where life seems boring, so they entertain themselves by meddling in the drug world. This film is really a simply made film that could be the life of any known human being who has ever had a troubled relationship, been involved with drugs, dealt drugs, went to a party. Felt strong for someone who didnt feel the same way. This film touches on all bases, from abandonment to love. Little Athens plays like a modern day Shakespeare tragedy, with every twist and turn it tears at your heart. This is the modern society that Shakespeare would be writing about. It plays out like an actual day, people working, people doing what they do. Being friends, being lovers and just simply living life in a small town.The Cast is superb, with a few stand outs. Credit is given where credit is due, and for this film there were a few performances that stood out. DJ Qualls as Corey, the young guy struggling to make it work was probably the best performance in this film. DJ kept it small, kept it simple, giving Corey an identity, some triats that people could see in themselves. He was portrayed as someone that you could easily be friends with. Another stand out performance isMichael Pena as Carlos. It is evident from scene one that Carlos likes his friend Jess in more than just a frienship kinda way. Pena gives us Carlos, serves him up and makes us feel for him. Carlos is a follower, he would do anything for Jess and Michael Pena is Carlos during this film. It seems like it is Carlos, like this is Carlos life. Pena does a great job of turning fiction into something that seems very real.Little Athens has some great stories that weave in and out, this is one of those drug content films that should be shown to all teenagers. It stands with drug films like Traffic, Candy, 21 Grams. While comparing to these films, it gives us something we have never really seen before. Teenagers are the focal point, young potentially brilliant teenagers are the main point. The main characters range in age from aronnd 18-22. They all have something to hide. Little Athens is a brilliantly filmed movie, it is slowly paced and delivers dialogue that may not impress most deep movie wathchers, but it is dialogue that reflects the world in which we live. Little Athens should be seen by all. The one thing I really found great about this film was the fact that the audience really needed to be paying attention. This film left some things to be caught by the audience, making it so you had no choice but to pay attention.The first one is during Jimmys car accident scene, where the woman is bloodied. Jimmy suggested that the driver take her to the hospital because of her head wounds. If you watch the scene closely it is sort of hinted at the it was not at all Jimmy;s fault. Atleast that is my interpretation of the scene and how it plays out. Jimmy wouldnt have hit the car hard enough to do that much damage, and another reason to see it this way is that the driver was perfect and no airbag had poped. If Jimmy had hit the car hard enough the Driver would have smashed his head off the airbag and deployed resulting in similar injuries to those of his femal counterpart.The second is that all through the film Aaron was blaming Jess for an STD. With about 15 minutes left in the film it is revealed that Aaron got a tatoo, which looked rather infected. Neither Aaron or Jess spoke it out loud, but Aaron got his STD from a dirty tatoo needle. It is little things like this that the film makes reference to that the audience must pick up on. It doesnt really change the outcome of the film, but it tests to see who is paying attention or not.

Matt F (fr) wrote: 74%. Not bad--McDowell is always good. A decent serial killer mystery film.

John A (jp) wrote: Another enigmatic addition from the Holy Trinity of Kung-Fu (Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung). An engaging maelstrom of slapstick comedy and jaw-dropping fight scenes.

Artur Z (ag) wrote: Mickey Rourke!!! + great music + great pictures

Drew R (de) wrote: Cool fact: HAL 9000 and 2001 Space Odyssey were influenced / inspired by this movie and its evil robot, Alpha 60. Cool, huh? The movie itself is unique for sci-fi in that there are no special effects and a distant future planet looks and acts like the 1960s France... except the whole love, tears, individuality being illegal thing. Apparently this film largely influenced BladeRunner and other dystopian / postmodern sci-fi works, so I salute it. That said, the computer speaks in a burping voice (no, really, look it up) and it's really gross and annoying throughout the film. Also, Anna Karina is the love interest and doesn't get a lot to do.

Esther K (it) wrote: Slightly long-winded

Karl Edgar T (fr) wrote: It was simply tragi-comic. As I cared for focusing on it, I found it easily funny and at the same time sad. It managed to give me a lot of emotions.

Paul L (gb) wrote: This movie is basically a thriller who done it mystery complicated piece of shit

Nicholas L (kr) wrote: You can't really fault family entertainment movies unless it sucks big time. "We bought a zoo" is what you expect: sweet, straight forward and comes with a happy ending. The movie is entertaining enough to make the price of the ticket worthy. Scarlett Johansson looks too glamorous to be a head zoo keeper.

Colin M (jp) wrote: Despite a Hollywood white wash, this film was fantastic. Allows for all of the actors to put on a strong performance. In what is likely Steve Carell's strongest performance since Michael Scott. The movie does a good way dealing with dense material and has strong pacing, all the while sending a message.

Howard G (mx) wrote: my dad sold this to me but i wasn't than impressed!