The Demon

The Demon

Random people are terrorized by a malevolent man who brings their worst fears to life.

Random people are terrorized by a malevolent man who brings their worst fears to life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nonit D (es) wrote: It was nice, but too dull.

Alan H (ag) wrote: Poor film, boring, long winded, bad acting, not the best of storylines and lacks action.

Mohammed A (it) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Aaron G (fr) wrote: When you make as many movies as Spielberg, there are bound to be a few misfires. This is unfortunately one of them.

John G (kr) wrote: Better than average Tony Scott thriller. Redford is back in the CIA, (after 3 Days of the Condor) and again it's RR against the agency as he tries to free his protg Brad Pitt from a Chinese prison.

Fernando G (kr) wrote: What an awesome movie. The dinosaurs were incredible as well as the fight scenes.

Alex M (gb) wrote: A fun trek through the polo shirts, unhappy marriages of the beautiful East Coast. I love Rhode Island.

Jeff B (us) wrote: Better than film history remembers, this Thunder-striking trip Beyond trades spit for polish without sacrificing the action as Mad Max takes a road toward the mainstream. In downgrading to a PG-13, this second sequel softens the character's defining hard-bitten edges but conversely deepens his complexity. Less biting and ballsy, this audience-friendly warrior road-trip troublingly makes the franchise more accessible to younger filmgoers, but winningly sports the same Mad-dening big-budget stunt spectaculars as its predecessor.In this PG-13-rated sci-fi adventure, a drifter (Gibson) exiled from the most advanced town in post-apocalyptic Australia travels with a group of abandoned children to rebel against the town's queen (Turner). Gibson makes the most out of this, his final go-round as the Road Warrior. It's only two years before Lethal Weapon will Max out his penchant for Mad rogues even more and the actor manages to show great depth and slightly less edge in this meatier exploration of the title character. Going nearly as big as her singing in Private Dancer, Tina Turner puts the Queen B in B-Movie and truly makes for a memorable villain. With a greater concentration on the road warrior women, Miller's third Max film shares some defining DNA with Fury Road. Too bad it took three decades to thread them through, but the wait proves more than worth it.Bottom line: Murtaugh and Rigged