The Dentist 2

The Dentist 2

Dr. Caine, the murdering dentist from the original movie, has escaped from the mental hospital where he has been since being caught. Hoping to resume a normal life, he makes his way to a quiet Midwestern town under a false name and takes on the responsibilities of the town dentist Things are starting to look up for Caine, until the day when he catches his new love in the arms of someone else. Just as in the first movie, this sends him back over the edge and into another homicidal rampage, with his unfortunate patients bearing the brunt of his hostility.

After spending some time in a mental institution, Dr. Feinstone escapes his incarceration and heads to the small town of Paradise. He hopes to live a normal life with his new girlfriend, until the day when he catches his new love in the arms of someone else. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bryan G (it) wrote: A very fine zombie film indeed.

Monet J (ca) wrote: bad acting...really bad acting

Mehmet E (es) wrote: the best film by SRK by far

Lenard K (ag) wrote: Police inspector tracks criminals. Delon stars in another Melville film; the focus on the police in addition to the criminals gives this movie a different feel from most of Melville's work.

Katherine B (es) wrote: Another solid installment in the Dr. Strangelove, Fail Safe, The Bedford Incident set.

Scott R (au) wrote: Showing the ironies of war and how home soldiers are sent elsewhere only to have other soldiers come to take their place. It then goes through the tragedies of foreign relationships and how they have the potential to divide families. Not very inspirational, but interesting to see a rare story told in wartime New Zealand.

Barrett L (br) wrote: An unlikely sequel which takes advantage of the story told between the lines in it's predecessor. 'Revenge' begins to weave a powerful human story while realizing it's place as the second act in a morality play told in reverse.

Harim K (ru) wrote: too simple and weirdly moral.

Eric P (ru) wrote: the message gets lost somewhere between the flims waving from Romantic lovestory to sensual erotica to staight up exploitation

John P (fr) wrote: You would think any movie where the AWFUL Kane Hodder is killed in the first ten minutes might be good. Then you realize, any movie Kane Hodder is in will NOT be good. The problem with movies paying, um, homage to other, better, horror movies is that it only makes the movie itself seem that much worse. Winnie from The Wonder Years was decent, the two killers were okay, William Forsythe should be ashamed, he is above this. The only noteworthy thing is two people from the Rocky series were in this... Burt Young and the black trainer of Apollo Creed.

John L (us) wrote: Yo, am i the only one who doesn't think this movie is Scary at all?! And it totally rips off other horror movies like Scream and shit like that.