The Desert Flower

The Desert Flower

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:70 minutes
  • Release:1925
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  • Keywords:based on play,  

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Vincent P (de) wrote: "Flu or: People who should know better doing stupid things for contrivance's sake". And oh look, the Americans are the bad guys. That's pretty typical. And when they're not being the antagonists (never mind the titular Flu), random villains are popping up, with no clear motivation, just to be dicks.There's some nightmarish imagery and it's all pretty slick, but boy, whoever wrote the screenplay... they sure do love them some trite cliches.

Brandon S (kr) wrote: You know exactly where the movie's headed right from the get-go, but it transcends those clich (C)s and winds up succeeding as an entertaining little horror flick.Bobby Roe establishes a clear tone and progression for the film, which isn't always easy to do and still be entertaining in a found footage film. Once you've established characters' reason for filming in a found footage story, if it isn't believable, you've lost your audience. This is the biggest hurdle for a director in a found footage story. Not only to establish a good reason for filming, but also a strong cast that can sell that reason to an audience. This is the movie's biggest strength in my eyes.Right away we don't know much about the characters, but we're rooting for them, because we begin to feel a comradery with them via the chemistry with each other, and the goal of found footage is to create a sense of realism and put the viewer right there with the subjects. Not for a moment did I feel taken out of the film, which was sold in part by the actual interviews with real spook house patrons spliced in throughout the film that provide an authentic and scary segway into the next chapter of the story.

Jason T (es) wrote: It's well acted with a great cast and it does hold your attention. Sadly the movie feels like something made for the Lifetime Channel complete with predictable plot twists and dull ending. It's an average thriller.

Ian M (ru) wrote: This movie is awful... Occasionally there is an amusing gore moment but usually the characters seem to talk. Never heard "faaaakin" used so much in any project before. Even the seasoned actors sliver their lines flatter than a pancake too. The plot doesn't explain itself & it's filmed with an insipid lighting. Crud.

Jordon J (nl) wrote: An absolutely dreadful film no one should ever have to sit through this like i did, SKIP IT!!!

Paul C (ca) wrote: I was quite disappointed with this to be honest (@,@)p

JeanFrancois V (es) wrote: I was not too sure I Wanted to see this film. On the one hand, I expected it to be another blatantly pro-homosexual British film, based as it is on a novel by Sarah Waters, one of the most active homosexual public figures in Britain, and the author of "Tipping the Velvet", a raunchy lesbian novel that was also adapted to the screen by Andrew Davies. But on the other hand, I thought that nothing much could happen between two women in a Victorian prison, and that the film would turn out to be just a story of a strong, ambiguous friendship with nothing really wrong about it. Anyway, I love late XIXth century atmospheres, and I am rather fond of both Zoe Tapper (who was also a lesbian in the 2008 TV series "Survivors") and Anna Madeley, who was brilliant in "The Secret Life of Mrs. Beeton" and had a rather funny role in the 2008 version of "Sense and Sensibility". And finally, I love the voice of Anna Massey, who did the narration on the BBC's audio history of Great Britain, "This Sceptred Isle". Well, I was wrong about the homosexuality. The film portrays no less than four lesbian pairs, and some passionate kissing or foreplay between most of them, with a little B&D roleplay to spice things up. Moreover, males are presented in the usual lesbian way, as either rapists or pompous bores, except for a rather sympathetic librarian, who may well have been a homosexual in the novel, and worked for some occult society anyway, which made him alright according to modern inverted values. But despite this, I found the movie rather engrossing. I had guessed most of the "clever ending", but I was surprised by the depth that was added by the last couple of minutes of the film, which turned it into something more than a "gotcha" type of movie, a la "The Illusionist" or "The Prestige". What makes it a little difficult to outguess is that it does not let you know whether the supernatural is supposed to be real or not within its universe (and I won't tell you either.) Morally speaking, I can't really recommend "Affinity", but I'm glad I've seen it, and it has made me want to see more of both Tapper and Madeley, which apparently, I will soon do.

Emily L (ag) wrote: Not as fabulous as some of his other works, but still a brilliant film. Interesting plot, some very beautiful and surreal moments, and yeah, then there's Ryuhei Matsuda <3 ^__^

Federico F (br) wrote: Una copia dello squalo in Africa

Stephen S (de) wrote: I'm normally a pretty big fan of military action flicks, but this film just wasn't that interesting. Berenger is good as always, and Bokeem Woodbine is good as his spotter, but aside from that, I can't say anything else good about this film. It really just seems like a watered-down version of Behind Enemy Lines with a little bit of Enemy at the Gates thrown in for the hell of it. See the first Sniper, but avoid this film.

Scott J (mx) wrote: So I guess this is supposed to be another sequel to the original Godzilla that completely disregards all other Godzilla movies, but not the only non-Godzilla kaiju movies. *sigh* Whatever.

Justin B (mx) wrote: This movie is a bit of an enigma to me. I watched it too much when I was too young to get a lot of the humour so I never really am sure how I feel about it. Objectively it is what it is; entertaining summer blockbuster and clever enough mid-nineties staple.

Al M (us) wrote: A thoroughly lame and boring '80s slashers, Iced provides little to entertain--the death scenes are even off-camera at times, thus negating the whole point of such films.

Jamie C (au) wrote: 5 Episodes from the late 1960's Cartoon that all feature one of the main villains in each episode, They're short (Thank god) With eye rolling humour and just about everything fits on his utility belt so nothing makes sense but it never needed to its Batman, Kids will like it but it doesn't stand the test of time I'm afraid.

Farah R (br) wrote: Jason Bateman may be one of the best comedy actors currently in Hollywood but when it comes to directing, he's better off out of that chair. Bad Words is an appalling movie and an even worse comedy. There's absolutely nothing funny about its lame story and stupid ending.

Sgt C (ag) wrote: (56%)A throwback of sorts to 1970's B-pictures focusing on street brawling, ex-cons, and borderline insane gangsters. Michael Jai White doesn't stretch his acting ability here, but his fighting skills are fantastic, it really is totally believable watching him take down the biggest guys you could ever imagine. The plot has been done many times before (see Van Damme's somewhat better AWOL) but I happened to enjoy the simplicity this has in bounds. This may not be anything special overall but it's so damn entertaining and watchable plus the fights are well done and there's plenty of them. So for a decent effort that passes more in that it fails and will run down 90 mins very quickly meaning this is well worth a spin.

Eric R (es) wrote: Being huge horror film fan of films from the 70's and 80's it means I have an extensive list of horror films I want that have not made their way to DVD. One of these films is the 1983 seemingly forgotten slasher classic "Curtains". One day when marching through a store I found a quadruple feature for a measly $5 which contained a film called "Curtains" mixed with three other god awful looking modern horror flicks. Could it really be the original "Curtains"? The new cover artwork made it look like a crummy direct-to-video remake but sure enough, it was the one, the only "Curtains"! I quickly snagged it up and ran home to revisit a slasher film that I had not seen for years.Molded in the same vein as slashers like "Prom Night" and "My Bloody Valentine", "Curtains" is a 'who-dun-it' slasher in which the killer is not revealed until the final act. The film opens with a famous director (played by the late great John Vernon) taking his lead actress to a mental asylum to commit her. You see she is a method actor and wants the experience of being around mentally ill inmates to help her with her role. The director is a total dick and leavers her in the asylum. With the help of a friend she escapes when she finds out he is holding a casting call with five women for the role she was supposed to play. Suddenly the women are getting killed off one by one, but who's doing the killing? Movies are a cut-throat (sorry for the pun) business and all these people are willing to kill for the part!"Curtains" suffered from production problems that caused the release to be pushed back for three years. After shooting began in 1980 the production was halted for the director to be replaced, an actress to be replaced, and for some re-shoots. The final results of the film show none of the problems behind the camera. Some of the pacing is off but it still comes out a more solid than one might expect.The acting is also very good especially for a slasher film. Veteran actors John Vernon ("Animal House", "Killer Klowns from Outer Space") and Samantha Eggar ("The Brood", "The Exterminator") are wonderful like they always are. They really bring an aura of sophistication and class to this genre film. The rest of the cast of young, nimble women is also much better then stock shasher fodder.Slasher hounds may be disheartened by the lack of onscreen blood, gore and nudity but "Curtains" still has some well crafted suspense sequences, especially a stalk and slash when "hag masked" killer goes after an actress while ice skating. The "hag mask" that the killer wears may not be as iconic as, let's say, a hokey mask but it does the job and looks great on the original poster artwork.Though not a great horror flick and it does lack some of the excessive attractions such as blood and gore but it's definitely good slasher fare with a solid cast and suspense that deserves to be re-discovered by fans and perhaps someday better DVD release will emerge. The DVD release from Echo Bridge Entertainment is a watchable full screen VHS transfer that isn't terrible but definitely not good. Spoiled people who live and breathe high definition that refuse to watch rare movies with older format transfers will no doubt hate the release and all I have to say is "fuck off." It's better than having a VHS that could wear out at any moment and people who have never seen it finally have a chance to without resorting to paying high prices for a beat up ex-rental VHS. Perhaps Echo Bridge will eventually re-release the film with a better transfer. They did with "Prom Night" so anything is possible...

othman b (ru) wrote: perfect movie action

Nicholas H (es) wrote: An odd cast in an odd movie, and it's barely saved by Jesse Eisenberg's mostly fine acting. Not memorable but not awful either.