The Detonator

The Detonator

Sonni Griffith, a top US Secret Agent must protect a witness as he crosses Europe.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   gunfight,   beating,  

Sonni Griffith, a top US Secret Agent must protect a witness as he crosses Europe. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mohamed H (de) wrote: -AAduKalam-Written&Directed by Vettrimaaran'an associate of Balu Mahendra...has once again proved his excellence in the field of Cinema..Like his first venture Pollaadavan.. This film starts with the similar screenplay"I can say he is the JR.Christopher Nolan of Tamizh Nadu. His packaging style something unique"As for as the film is concerned ,,the title 'Aadukalam' itself says every thing.. but 'yes its about the backdrop of it.. But the awesome news is he has delivered a decent message in this genre of film..I love the director for his idea that "entertainment" alone is not the product of filmmaking& he proved this by delivering 'stuffs' to the audience he'd prefer..Though the film has some Casting* Characterization needs special mention as they don't contradict themselves during the course of the movie.* Dhanush has done a fabulous job in the lines of 'pudhupettai' & offcourse 'pollaadavan'.. He has vastly improved in terms of expressions and he has merged himself in his character..."I can say he is the Indian BruceLee* Kishore deserves a special mention.. & he seems to be totally different in this film....-->Technical Excellence* Velraj is just rocking,, behind the lens. He has improved a lot from his prev work in pollaadavan..* G.V.Prakash deserves a special mention. Songs do have a great feel //but he has once again copied like Pollaadavan &his prev ventures...This time he has copied from James Roy Horner's.. TROY bgm... He is an 'ar_eh_le' i think... as he cant even work sincerely for this filmmaker..,,atleast after seeing the making of the film.-BottomLine-An unexpected good film under SunPictures... But the bad news is that this film wont work on the masses..."A must go film for its awesome dialogue delivery throughout the movie.// "

Kc P (br) wrote: Oh my gosh this movie sucks... And I actually like Suite Life.

Cynthia S (mx) wrote: I expected more from the pairing of Keaton, and Kline. Too bad...

Jason G (ag) wrote: I'd like to thank this movie for teaching me the following valuable lesson: As long as you are 6'2", cut like a boxer, and have a wealthy parent who provides you with your own penthouse apartment, full-time housekeeper and tutor who will cater to your every whim, you can overcome the horrible misfortune of having some ornate tattoos. Also, as long as you build a gazebo on your roof, you can win the girl of your dreams by stalking her for a few months before eventually kidnapping her and holding her hostage in your apartment.

MyFriendAli (ru) wrote: Entertaining & Thrilling! Similar idea as "Serendipity (2001)" - About a couple who let the Destiny decide if they are meant to be together! - Moral: Nothing is Meant to be, All Coincident, but still, Everything Happen for a Good Reason! & Magic / Ghost / UFO / The Law of Attraction / Destiny... those who get to Experience it, Will Believe!

Philip H (au) wrote: lugubrious, a nightmare, a few fantastic scenes (people descending from a ship to a train as if en route from purgatory; old men dancing with chairs while a woman plays an accordion); slow & shuffling pace

Steven J (jp) wrote: For fans (such as myself), this is a great documentary about one of the greatest bands of our generation. For others, it's an interesting look at how tough it can be to be in a band as big as Metallica. Worth watching.

Tony P (ca) wrote: This is what happens when the creator's maybe masterpiece gets ruined when he gets booted from the film, even if it did take nearly 30 years to complete. The movie does have beautiful sureal animation, but it was ruined by the changes made when Richard Williams lost control. The changes included give inner monlogues to characters that were originally silent, which were distracting, also included 3 boring, uninspiring songs. The film just feels like wasted potential.

Martin T (ru) wrote: Malle can typically be counted on for a watchable, well-crafted film, but he's really one of the less compelling directors of the nouvelle vague. The story plays out somewhat like a Harlequin romance novel... bored bourgeois housewife with a boring bourgeois lover finds true love in a moonlit night of steamy, unexpected passion. Jeanne Moreau brings a small amount of complexity to the role, which is really the film's saving grace. I found myself disliking the character... despite the attempts to gain my sympathy in her rebelling against her conventional lifesytle, she still struck me as tremendously selfish and thoughtless. But in the end, there's a hint of self-awareness, a fatalistic realization perhaps that you can take the girl out of the bourgeois, but you can't take the bourgeois out of the girl. Besides this interesting nuance, I was mostly unimpressed although mildly intrigued.

Christopher L (nl) wrote: This is one of the best police thrillers ever made..

Bryan E (ca) wrote: A great opening and ending is sandwiched between a boring film with unconvincing acting and great makeup.

Jacques D (ag) wrote: Bunch of psychos, all of them. Made it through cuz we were stuck in a hotel in Chicago.