The Devil in Love

The Devil in Love

Two devils from Hell are sent to Earth to cause trouble. Belfagor and his faithful sidekick Adramalek must start a war between Rome and Florence in 1478.

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The Devil in Love torrent reviews

Brian Daniel L (it) wrote: this docu proofs why rock music is the scense of life

Shawn E (fr) wrote: Amazing story. I loved it.

Susan R (nl) wrote: This film wasn't bad - it just wasn't good. I think a french film dealing with issues of sex and societal constraints is a little pass at this point. This one certainly doesn't really add anything to the dialogue.

Keith H (it) wrote: This movie is the greatest movie I have seen since Fist of Legend! The story was great, the acting was good, and the fight scenes were the BEST! OYAMA would be proud! OSU!

Alec B (kr) wrote: No one has to like this movie, but to venomously dismiss it as a naval gazing art project (which a lot of people did) was a serious mistake. It's ambitious surrealism on an epic scale and yes, it actually has things to say about life, art, and the unavoidable decay of time. Also, Hoffman's outstanding performance is often overlooked in discussions about this movie, let's try to change that.

Laara C (us) wrote: Swimming Pool is not a bad mystery, I would say its a semi-mystery with some drama. A writer decides to go to one of the publishers directors summer house to write a new book. She finds herself sharing the house with the publishers daughters. She first finds her sort freeing, she walks around without her shirt off and swims&tan. She finds her annoying but fascinating, because its something that she finds that she wished she was able to do. Its quite interesting when you put everything together, the best part is when she is in the balcony and the older gardener that works there sees her exposure. In my opinion best part of the movie, at that age and being older; its like opening a present.

Noel K (mx) wrote: An imaginative sweet love story, involving diary cows in New Zealand, milk, an Indian wedding, 'the Jacksons' etc. Harry Sinclair wrote and directed this gem, exploring true love and forgiveness. Karl Urban and Danielle McCormack are great as the couple in love, experiencing the 'fairy tale' trials and tribulations of love.

Lennart P (au) wrote: A well done movie about a forgotten battle during WW2. Recommended!

Anthony G (es) wrote: I haven't laughed so hard in years. The whole audience was in stitches throughout the film. Loved it!

Jonathan C (us) wrote: Two stars for the great music and for the novelty of seeing Bobby Hutcherson "act," but Dexter Gordon is incomprehensible and thus completely unsympathetic in this repetitive "story" of jazz, booze, collapse, repeat. I'm honestly stunned by the accolades for Gordon -- I understand that his character is supposed to be drunk all the time, but he sounds like he's struggling to remember his lines, and his voice rivals current-day Nick Nolte for cigarette-charred incoherence.

Ken T (ag) wrote: Sorry Prince...But that was the worst crap I've seen in some time. Also, you did it in black and white.

Philip F (de) wrote: this lovingly nostalgic look back at GIs in England preparing for the D-Day invasion is a joy to watch. not a false note in it at all, as romance beckons with war and death just around the corner. If all the American soldiers stationed in England during the war had looked like Richard Gere just think how many more kids they would have left behind

Gary B (fr) wrote: This use to be on TV all the time, but I have not seen it in a long time. Classic horror movie.

Christian O (au) wrote: Funniest movie of the year. Hadn't heard of it until we saw it on DVD. Laughed the whole way through. Great dialogue, great banter, and really funny characters. A must see.

Tommy K (gb) wrote: The story, animation, songs and comical side characters are all great, but the female main protagonist is one of the absolute best and most revolutionary role models ever put on film. Major kudos to Disney for this!

Jack B (au) wrote: This movie was boring, awkward, and the documentary approach was a little to fake with this acting. I strongly disliked "John K. Buttsin".