The Devil, Probably

The Devil, Probably

In order to be technically free of the mortal sin of suicide, a young man who has given up on the world pays a drug-addict to shoot him. Charles (Antoine Monnier), who is a student, has tried political action and investigated the claims of religion but ultimately finds nothing which will change the overwhelming bleakness he feels surrounded by. In this austere movie by director Robert Bresson, the power of the storytelling comes from the lucidity of the imagery captured on film, rather than in the acting.

Charles drifts through politics, religion and psychoanalysis, rejecting them all. Once he realises the depth of his disgust with the moral and physical decline of the society he lives in, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Movie F (ca) wrote: I am a big fan of Christopher Judge, but sadly he was the only thing good about this movie, everything else was just a mess. The plot was OK, but everyone was clearly dubbed and the acting way away from good.

Christy B (us) wrote: This is actually a pretty cute anima.

Sophia R (jp) wrote: Mark Chris....look me up on facebook Tammy kent goodson

Eligijus D (ca) wrote: Interesting story, 10/10 recommended.

Janetta B (ca) wrote: I know someone I would like to take to an island and hunt like the pig she is.....

Ryan V (mx) wrote: Something of a lost film, in that it only recently had a DVD release. Horror fans won't find the wheel reinvented here, but the gore effects and atmosphere make this worthwhile. That and an early starring role for Viggo Mortensen.

David F (au) wrote: This is just a fantastic, entertaining movie about fighter pilots and their competitive school in California nicknamed 'Top Gun.' Tom cruise is at his finest and there's a kind of breezy, macho confidence to everything about this film, from Tony Scott's amber, foggy shots to Val Kilmer's cockiness. It's a pop masterpiece.

Tony P (nl) wrote: The movie joins together familiar elements of the now well established Rocky franchise and the simmering tensions of the cold war in the 1980s. The story concerns a biological freak Soviet amateur boxer called Ivan Drago who comes onto the scene to challenge the established (and mainly US) heavyweight boxing fraternity. Series veteran Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) comes out of retirement to take on the Soviet (played by Dolph Lundgren) in a typically camp US exhibition fight. Drago uses his powers to the max. and kills Creed in the process. Heavyweight champion and Creed friend Rocky Balboa must take on Drago in an unsanctioned fight in the USSR on Dec. 25th! Balboa faces the arctic Russian conditions to train for the bout in Moscow in front of a partisan crowed and members of the Soviet politburo! The training scenes are great but the final fight is a farce! The sound effects of each punch are worse than WWE. Balboa takes so much punishment from Drago throughout the fight he would be dead in reality. Anyway as the fight wears on the partisan Moscow crowd start to warm to Balboa much to the annoyance of the Soviet high command. Drago becomes frustrated as Balboa starts to make some impact on the fight cutting Drago in the process and refusing to be defeated. Eventually Balboa somehow knocks Drago out and wins the fight. In his victory address which is really corny and typically American, Balboa (Stallone) tells the crowd that they have changed, he has changed, everybody can change! Some issues that annoyed me on watching the film. Why is Balboa's brother in law Pauley (Young) allowed to sit at press conferences and in the corner team. He is a useless peripheral character. Creeds old trainer Duke doesnt age throughout the series including Rocky Balboa. When watching the end credits it is revealed that the Russia scenes in reality were filmed in snowy British Columbia, Canada. The film is relatively short for an action film so is a good time waster if you're bored. Not a bad entry. Certainly better than Rocky V. Stallone should have ended the series on a high here. The soundtrack is excellent and has some excellent energized anthems throughout.

Rony P (ag) wrote: It's a hilarious wartime comedy......drink from the cup of humour....(hic!!)

Sal M (br) wrote: I usually hate romance movies. They are fake, stupid and leave people with unrealistic expectations of real relationships. Blue Valentine is the opposite of all that and that's why its so good. This movie is about the demise of a marriage, so people in rock solids relationships may not be able to relate.Action films I can understand being over the top because they are usually works of fiction. Romantic films usually deal with real human drama but always gets it wrong and are usually just plain terrible. You don't need to be fake to get great human drama. The Notebook literally celebrated having an affair, which is about as backwards as it gets. Blue Valentine is so authentic it is scary. Real people do act like the Blue Valentine characters. I've experienced situations from the film which made it all the more powerful to watch. They show the characters upbringing which clearly lay out why the characters behave the way they do. The flashbacks in this film are exceptionally done. They mirror the beginning of their relationship to the beginning of the end of their relationship. Emotionally gripping, well-acted, with a wonderful score, Blue Valentine is a great film.

Gigi S (ru) wrote: Any movie that has fake reality star Willie Robertson in it--and a title song performed by the Newsboys--was bound to be bad. This was the silliest movie I have ever seen--absolutely cringe-worthy. I walked out after a half-hour.

Lucas M (nl) wrote: Gone with the Wind defined Southern Dramas but the film hasn't aged well and it's long run time is cumbersome.

Annabel H (ca) wrote: It's very strange but it's ok