The Devil Queen

The Devil Queen

Crime queen and drug dealer, Diaba finds out that the police are after his protégé and decides to "make up" a new bandit to turn in in his place.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1974
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Crime queen and drug dealer, Diaba finds out that the police are after his protégé and decides to "make up" a new bandit to turn in in his place. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Devil Queen torrent reviews

Greig J (ca) wrote: Just ridiculous! Stupid story and rubbish special effects. Don't waste your time.

Mithun G (ca) wrote: Amazing film but I don't understand why this is even an issue with all the over population in the world.

Alberto G (ca) wrote: Oh, where to start. This was definitely a vanity project for both Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez. Yes, they both look a lot like Lavoe and Puchi, and no one can deny Marc Anthony's singing ability and capabilities, but those two CAN'T carry or make a movie on their own.The bigger problem here is depth. There is no character development. You finish the movie and you feel like Hector Lavoe was just a junkie with talent, that had a deep love for his wife and that's about it.I wanted to know about his pain, his demons, his sadness. What made Lavoe, LAVOE. They had such a great chance here to dig into his struggles in the early going when he went to NYC. To make a connection with Willie Colon (instead of Puchi) and show how deep that friendship was.Yes, then again this film was based on Puchi's account of Hector Lavoe's life and hard times, so she had to be in there all the time. But if her perspective was a as shallow as it was portrayed on film, then her life was pitifully as well.I gave the movie two stars based solely on Hector's music. The rest, was so formulaic and shallow that it's a shame. I am sure there's an E! True Hollywood Story out there that's more insightful than this. And that is sad.

Hugo J (fr) wrote: fucking amazing...with a brilliant twist

compris g (it) wrote: Hi I just signed up for Flixster today and I wanted to meet people who could help me share my over 300 Lesbian & Gay collection for free. The other thing is that I have watched this move twice and the second one was on my Netflix account, but the reviews say that there are deleted scenes that are full hard core of the Movie Locked Up but I don't have a clue as to where to go to find these deleted scenes? Can anyone help me with either?

Ornella B (gb) wrote: Disgusting but beautiful, I love this kind of Art which is made as if it is something ugly ! =)

Andy F (ca) wrote: Has become a favourite Christmas movie of mine - gets tiresome, but worth it for the first half!

Eric Y (mx) wrote: Brilliant, somewhat fanciful but fun and interesting take on the genius and humanity of Mozart.

Bradley A (ag) wrote: it's pretty good, it has that European athletic feel and the thrill of a classic assassination thriller

Christina C (ru) wrote: "Vera Cruz" is most notable for two things: it is a precursor to the amoral Sergio Leone antihero westerns, and it pairs two big-screen cowboy legends in Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster. Lancaster shines as ever and is just a joy to watch: his Joe Erin looks super-cool and sexy in dusty black, a grinning, charming mercenary brute who's only out for himself but can appreciate a good adversary along the way. Gary Cooper is a deadpan, cynical Southern landowner who's lost everything in the war - his Ben Trane too is mercenary, but ever so slightly more principled than Erin. Like Vivien Leigh calling up the ghost of Scarlett in her Blanche DuBois ("Streetcar Named Desire"), Cooper's world-weary mercenary here represents an earlier, simplier generation of western heroes coming face to face with a more complicated modernity. The story itself is full of double-crossings and memorable standoffs (memorable cameos from Ernest Borgnine, Charles Bronson). Denise Darcel and the charismatic Sara Montiel (in her Hollywood debut!) provide the equally sly and scheming female love interests. Like many films Lancaster was involved with, the film inclines somewhat to the underdog revolutionaries. It's a classic, gorgeous and sparkling with great dialogue from a great cast. However, it lacks something of the sweeping wide-open feel of the classic Western, no doubt deliberately. This is a cinematic place that is very much peopled and politicised.

John R (ca) wrote: 151218: The Reindeer were the highlight for me.

HungYa L (br) wrote: Great performance from Hugh Grant and his British counterparts.

Karl M (it) wrote: Mostly a fun and creative kids movie, but some parts were just too dark for me to really enjoy it as a kid. Namely toy disfigurement, murder plots, and Buzz's delusions that turn into crippling depression.