The Devil Rides Out

The Devil Rides Out

The powers of good are pitted against the forces of evil as the Duc de Richelieu wrestles with the charming but deadly Satanist, Mocata, for the soul of his friend. Mocata has the knowledge and the power to summon the forces of darkness and, as the Duc de Richelieu and his friends remain within the protected pentacle, they are subjected to ever-increasing horror until thundering hooves herald the arrival of the Angel of Death.

In the countryside of England, the Duc de Richleau a.k.a Nicholas welcomes his old friend Rex Van Ryn that has flown to meet him and Simon Aron, who is the son of an old friend of them that... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nishlank J (gb) wrote: "The mundaneness of misery can only be compelling for so long."

Craig Dylan W (br) wrote: Jem makes a GEM. Jem Cohen made this masterpiece of an art film. It is wonderful, beautiful, artistic, sublime. CDW

Bruno V (ru) wrote: Ok to see one time only

FilmGrinder S (us) wrote: 82%Because somebody has to save the elderly. Great cameos and very funny, but compared to SHUAN OF THE DEAD, it falls short, but still a bloody good time. I love seeing the elderly doing battle.

Holly M (nl) wrote: *face palm* the best part is encountering the foot fettish guy who deserves an Oscar for dealing with the rest of this horrible cast. blah.

Constantine H (mx) wrote: The mean girl problem in Italian schools: "Are you alternative or preppy?" Episodic and schematic. The bad girl has that Katie Holmes in Disturbing Behavior look down. Yes, she does.

Alan P (us) wrote: dramatic, very watchable, a few laughs as well

Anthony P (es) wrote: This movie was very good and has sad parts to it and has it's funny parts. My dad recommended this movie to me and Im glad I listened to his recommendation. Grear performances by Tom Green, Brooke Sheilds and others.

Michael W (es) wrote: Performance is a strange little film. It tackles some pretty big ideas about identity: the true self vs a performance. But these ideas are explored in both an extremely dark, gritty, and violent gangster film and in a psychedelic sex and drug romp with very unconventional editing. It's sleazy and shocking and quite experimental, but somehow very easy to follow. What intrigues me the most is how something so avant garde was produced by a major Hollywood studio.

DC F (us) wrote: Tried to watch it twice and still just couldn't get into it. The set-pieces were nice, but the story tried to be gothic and wasn't. It had too much inspector scenes.

Matt H (it) wrote: Slightly weird, talky anti-Nazi film that doesn't seem to "get" Nazis. Of course I'm talking from the hindsight of history, but the exact nature of Nazi Germany doesn't seem to be well established. Placing the film in Washington D.C. really hurts the film, I think; it just doesn't make sense for a Resistance leader to be convalescing there during the war. I feel like London was maybe the original setting, and this would make a lot more sense. Also, just too "talky," even for a play; too many grand speeches that don't really land.

Adam W (ca) wrote: Grim, a real disaster from start to finish.Jovovich doing Matrix-esque jumps and kicks in the desert with zombies oh dear.

Jessica L (fr) wrote: I don't know why this film is so popular and award winning...acting-wise, yes. I think Cooper and Lawrence did a terrific job portraying their characters. Love Lawrence's acting and their chemistry is great. But plot-wise, with the superstitious family and the what-i-believe-is-rather-boring beginning, I'm not a very big fan.

Pasha A (au) wrote: Another great Al... a brilliant dark comedy.

kelly (nl) wrote: Atmospheric and amusing. A few jump scares, but it's primarily focused on creating a foreboding mood. Wish the stories were a little better tied together, but they're not unbearably distant. The setting of desert as a gateway to Hell is a great underused convention in horror. Fun late night flick, perfect if you're watching it in a quiet motel in the middle of nowhere, New Mexico.