The Devil's Brother

Two wannabe bandits join the service of a dashing nobleman, who secretly masquerades as Fra Diavolo, a notorious outlaw.

Two wannabe bandits join the service of a dashing nobleman, who secretly masquerades as Fra Diavolo, a notorious outlaw

The Devil's Brother is the best new movie of Alexa. This movie was introduced in 1933. You can check list actors in this movie torrents, such as Dennis King, Thelma Todd, James Finlayson, Lucile Browne, Arthur Pierson, Henry Armetta, Matt McHugh, Lane Chandler, Nina Quartero, Wilfred Lucas, James C. Morton, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy. The kind of movie are Musical. This movie was rated by 7.2 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie to watch. Share with your friends and watch this movie together . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Users reviews

Alexander W (us)

The lesson learnt is to let her love you back the way she wants. Philosophical and charming

Callie M (it)

Great soundtrack. The materialism was suffocating and the overall message confused. I found Richard Gere to be simply unbearable. Julia Roberts does what she can with her natural charm but the plot is nothing special. Unrealistic, shallow, and cheesy, even for a rom com

Charles L (gb)

Cary Grant carries a slow mysterious story about a doctor with special skills and methods that some of his colleagues don't all agree with

Cory T (us)

Obviously Phibes was not destined to be a franchise character as the films have already dovetailed into listless mediocrity. The only sublime moments blossom from Price's delightful performance such as when Phibes nearly chokes on food which is lodged behind his facial prosthetic or when he gnashes on grapes while a victim agonizingly shrieks from scorpion stings. In fact, Biederbeck is a megalomaniac who is obsessed with his macrobiotic elixir and is vexed by the inconvenience of his henchman's murder via a snake concoction. At this point Phibes' targets are no longer sympathetic. The MacGuffin in the film is a papyrus which will aid Phibes in his quest for eternal life and it is a rather weak contrivance to relocate the setting to Egypt. The first act is particularly exposition-heavy with another Scotland Yard investigation and the deaths are minimal at best. Phibes Rises Again!' is a lackluster sequel in which Phibes' Shakespearean rants about the River of Life are too long-winded and the methods for dispatching Phibes' enemies are even more graphic which also lessens their macabre wit (a hawk mauling is pretty stomach-churning). A direct continuation of the Phibes' resurrection saga, 'Dr

Cynthia S (br)

Makes me count my American blessings. The main character's determination to realize his dream against all odds is truly inspiring. I found this a heart warming story, and much to be learned from. . . . and so continues my theory that some of the best movies are the ones that I have never heard of. . . . Moving. Heartfelt. Wonderful movie!! Inspiring

Dena S (gb)

"the cop shit his pants! the cop shit his pants!" haha :). they don't make movies like this anymore

Gabby R (au)

one of my favorite Hepburn movies so far :)

Jack G (au)

It's a glorious pretzel factory of a movie. But Sirk has such a great eye with his DP Russell Metty, and his stars are fantastic (Wyman and Hudson mainly) that you almost wouldn't want it any other way. To talk about the plot would make it sound silly, and it probably is. covered in soapy melodrama, and proud of it: Sirk's direction is lush and strange, light and dark

Jack G (nl)

even worse than the 2nd

Konrad R (au)

Surprisingly - better than I expected! I've seen much much worse scripts produced for much bigger money!