The Devil's Business

The Devil's Business

Two hit men are sent to murder an old associate of their underworld boss. Middle-aged Pinner is the been-there-done-that cynical veteran, while his new inexperienced partner Cully is about as green as they come. Waiting for their mark to return home, and irritated by Cully’s constant nervous chatter, Pinner attempts to pass the time by telling a strange story from his past, involving Valentina, a dancer he was once ordered to kill… But things are not all what they seem in their quarry’s house and the discovery of a make-shift black magic altar - and its shocking sacrifice - sends the uncomprehending duo into the shadowy darkness of their own tortured souls and terrifying confrontations with their worst primal fears. Brilliantly acted, solidly crafted and exuding a palpable atmosphere of claustrophobic dread, this eerily effective gem finally announces the arrival of director Sean Hogan on the genre’s front-line.

At the house of their target, two hit men bide their time waiting for the kill, only to find death already arrived in the shape of black magic, devilish spirits and the occult. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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nicholas h (us) wrote: More of a comedy than a horror movie. I think an elementary school play could have done a better job. Scenes are long and dragged out, my grandmother can standing in the corner can scare me better than the "entities" in this movie and as far as the casting, acting and directing... Absolutely horrid. If these actors were paid to do this movie, than I'm sure I have a shot at acting. If you choose to watch this movie, I would recommend doing it high because this is the only way to watch this movie.

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Dave N (ca) wrote: Great film for kids (and big kids too). Some new storyline ideas, along with some past ideas that had worked in other films. I suppose there are a limited amount of things you can put into a kids' film before you drop into an older audience rating (sausage party: ronal the barbarian being but 2 examples of a maturer audience film). I'd certainly let younger kids watch the Alpha & Omega series, and I'm sure any adults would be happy to sit and watch along

Jeannie W (us) wrote: I hope they don't expect Sissy to carry this movie with a model and a musician.

Reece L (ru) wrote: Covering narrative ground he would later revisit masterfully in The Long Day Closes, Davies recounts the dark days of his adolescence (a confusing mix of burgeoning sexuality, physical abuse, and quiet suffering) through a minimalistic style he would later move on from.

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Raji K (fr) wrote: Maximum Risk of course does not offer too much of an original story or premise, but thats not usually why you go to see Van Damme movies. The movie does offer some solid action, and a sexy girl in Natasha Henstridge. The movie is interesting enough, but you will find better action films and better Van Damme films.

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Russell G (br) wrote: The gangster genre gets a polish in this comedy. still a lot of fun, with Robinson making you believe despite how corny it gets. Donald Crisp is just the right amount of moral, and Bogart is always fun to watch in supporting tough guy rolls.

Julie K (it) wrote: A nice movie that did better then expected. Kudos to the director and actors.

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Steven C (es) wrote: One of the most thrilling and entertaining Australian films I've ever seen. Terrifically acted, and wonderfully written, and a total Homage to Alfred Hitchcock, what more can you ask for?