The Devil's Dozen

The Devil's Dozen

The Devil's Dozen is a supernatural horror/thriller where twelve strangers find themselves in a life or death game where sins are judged and every choice a testament to their character. The innocent must strive to maintain their integrity, while the guilty can only hope their deaths lead to the truly innocent walking out alive.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:English
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The Devil's Dozen is a supernatural horror/thriller where twelve strangers find themselves in a life or death game where sins are judged and every choice a testament to their character. The... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Devil's Dozen torrent reviews

Matthew J (mx) wrote: This is honestly one of the worst movies I've ever seen. On top of a poor script and untalented cast, the movie takes a juvenile and exploitative approach to criticizing religious zealotry. Simply awful.

Grant K (jp) wrote: Different that most of his international roles, Chan here gives a stirring, Oscar worthy performance in this pitch black crime saga, with one of the best and ballsiest endings I've seen in a long time.

Jiana W (kr) wrote: Funny and pretty ridiculous. "Ping Pong Playa" doesn't take itself very seriously. It was good and very refreshing to see a predominately Asian cast on-screen, poking at stereotypes and whatnot. I also dug the soundtrack. Songs "I Like Cereal" and "Chinese School" by Chops are worth a listen. I also thought it was amusing that most of the cuss words were interrupted by either the sound of a basketball bouncing or a ping-pong ball hitting a table surface.

Alex P (it) wrote: This is basically John Waters doing a one man show. He talks some about his movies, some about the filthy world we live in, and some about the oddity which is John Waters. You don't have to like John Waters films to enjoy this, by any means. But if you do like his films, there's an extra side of laughs in it for you because you've actually seen some of the stuff he's talking about. Waters is a very funny, very vulgar and odd man of extreme intelligence. I recommend this one to anyone with an interest in contemporary film history, not just because Waters definitely has a very specific and valuable place in it, but also because this is really funny stuff.

Olivier L (ca) wrote: Trs beau, trs romantique! (trop?)

Brian A (nl) wrote: Amsterdam looks phenomenal.

Larissa N (us) wrote: in short, such an amazing film, as are the 2 leads!!!

Rockstar 2 (jp) wrote: October Sky is a movie in which a small teenager, son of the mine superintendent, works with a group of friends and an amazing teacher to create a homemade rocket in hopes of winning the National Science Fair and escaping a life of mining.

Matheus C (gb) wrote: Minor but not less entertaining Almodvar, filled with his usual visual flair and bizarre and soapoperarish trademarks.

you k (fr) wrote: If this movie works as a florescent pink and yellow time capsule for 1991, it is also a grim reminder that those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it, which makes a good argument for Ski School's extended wide release.

Aj V (gb) wrote: A stripper named Doll Face thinks her memoirs should be on the best seller's list? No wonder this wasn't a good movie.

rodrigo l (it) wrote: Una pelcula? o Propaganda para la guerra?. Al parecer las dos, ya que el maestro David Lean, logra conjugar en su primer trabajo como director una obra acerca de un barco que llevababo tripulacin britnica y de como ellos sobrevieron (No todos), a ese desastre. El film cimentaba muchos elementos que Lean iba a explotar en futuros trabajos con resultados magistrales, habiendo dicho esto, no quiere decir que este film no es bueno, de hecho es un excelente pelcula, cruda y dura sobre la segunda guerra mundial (Posiblemente una de las mejores representaciones de la guerra en el cine), donde el maestro nos demuestra su capacidad para emocionar, desgarrar al espectador y reir, todo conjugado de una manera esplendida. Posiblemente el mejor film de propaganda que se ha hecho. Un film que vi nacer a uno de los directores mas queridos que ha dado el cine.

Joo C (mx) wrote: Sienna Miller's portrayal of Edie is so compelling that you instantly feel compassion and attraction for her character, her charisma makes you love her, she did a great job. However, despite her acting, the movie seems to be in a rush to get somewhere, sometimes the moments go by too fast and details are forgotten. Overall, it's an interesting movie that would benefit from a calmer direction and a longer length, to give time for people to absorb the details.

Armando P (gb) wrote: Another Coen's masterpiece. With my hometown actor Javier Bardem giving 200% in this performance.

James E R (kr) wrote: An Ok straight to DVD film.

Brian D (gb) wrote: Good conclusion and leaves with a good note to make shrek a classic series that will be missed.

Tommaso C (nl) wrote: Non svegliare il can che dorme.Queste storie di redenzione di nerd mi toccano tanto, sono un sentimentalone.Anche se, a dirla tutta, non credo che questa sia proprio una redenzione al 100%. Forse lo nell'ottica americana del termine.Comunque, applausi per l'occhialuto Dustin Hoffmane per la caratterizzazione del gruppo di zotici che ok, non saranno un granch presi singolarmente, ma come branco funzionano splendidamente.

Todd S (ca) wrote: Isn't it funny, how the movies you really don't expect much out of, turn out to be the most fun. Bobby Z wasn't something that was high on my list of things to see, but it was streaming and fit my mood, so I watched it and what a surprise, a well written, Action film, with a pretty good plot! Bobby Z is a legendary local crime boss in Southern California. He is a very elusive man that the Mexican drug lords go to extreme measures to find. Don Huertero (Joaquim de Almeida) has kidnapped an FBI agent and will only exchange him for Bobby Z, but there's a problem, Bobby Z is dead. The clever folks at the FBI decide to find someone who looks like Z and send him in, that man is Tim Kearney (Paul Walker), and his life depends on how well he can trick people into believing that he is Bobby Z, a man he's never met. Paul Walker is the star of this clever film and he does a tremendous job. I'm not fan of Walker's, whenever he does anything that isn't a gritty Action film, he stinks, fortunately this is a gritty Action film and he was engaging, delightful, and even funny as he tried to play someone he's not. As for the rest of the cast, it was certainly a unique mix of people, but being centered around one man and one goal, really made it work. It's unusual to find a deep plot in an Action film and that's why this film was so unique. Aside from some terrific stunts and fight scenes, there were twists and turns, crosses and double-crosses, even some humor. Bobby Z was really a lot of fun to watch, and it will keep you guessing while at the same time showing you some terrific action sequences, I was more than impressed by this film and by Paul Walker for that matter. It's easy to say, well he's been playing an undercover agent in The Fast & Furious for a decade now, but it certainly wasn't the same thing. The Death & Life of Bobby Z is a wild ride, that's a lot of fun, and it will keep you guessing, you can't ask for more than that.

Michael J (gb) wrote: Filled with cheesy sound effects and impossible physics.

Jamie C (fr) wrote: In a weird sort of way this is a good little film even though the plot is abit silly, The action was ok, Overall an ok film even with its poor acting.