The Devil's Mercy

The Devil's Mercy

A couple and their six-year-old son move into an old Connecticut house where the boy soon becomes distraught with thoughts of monsters dwelling in the attic. When their friends and guests abruptly go missing or die mysteriously, it becomes a race against time as the family's lives are in peril.

The Winters move to Connecticut where they meet their new downstairs neighbours Tyler Grant and his niece Kayla. When their 6 year old son Calvin becomes increasingly anxious around the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason C (nl) wrote: Brosnan's charisma and earnest performance just about compensate for a patchy plot - there's simply not enough let up in the pace to worry too much about how ludicrous the whole set-up is. Enjoyable, if insubstantial.

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Lori H (es) wrote: The gorgeous and hilarous Carole Lombard in possibly her best role, foiled by Fredric March as the hard-boiled reporter, in a brilliant and satirical screwball script by Ben Hecht. It's worth it just to see Lombard pass out drunk in a nightclub and pass it off as illness. A gem.

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