The Devil's Messenger

The Devil's Messenger

In this feature version of the Swedish TV series "13 Demon Street," a 50,000-year-old woman is found frozen in an ice field, and a man's death is foretold in dreams.

In this feature version of the Swedish TV series "13 Demon Street," a 50,000-year-old woman is found frozen in an ice field, and a man's death is foretold in dreams. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charlene B (it) wrote: omg...bad acting, very bad acting, bad plot, totally un-realistic

Diandra H (mx) wrote: I'm going to throw up all over this movie. The acting was blah, the dancing was boring like a twelve year old decided to take a swing at it. The plot, stupid. The only true character was Nina, who was the best dancer out of all three lead crews. If this was the real world, none of those crews would have even gained entry in that competition and GoGo Brothers would have won lol.God i'm so disgusted by this film.

Perrine B (nl) wrote: documentaire. Morgan freeman offre le bal de prom aux seniors de l'ecole de charleston, mississippi, pour que ceux ci organisent enfin un seul bal de fin d'annee, et plus deux separes : un pour les noirs un pour les blancs (frequentation de l'ecole: 30% de blancs, 70% noirs). La grande majorite des eleves qui ont accepte de se faire filmer sont bien sur pour cette initiative. Il n'empeche que certains parents blancs ont qd meme organise a leurs frais un bal pour les blancs afin que leur progeniture ne se melange pas avec des "negres". Quelle belle ouverture d'esprit. En gros on n'est pas encore sorti de la boucle du racisme, quelle que soit la couleur. Dommage qu on ne sache pas si l'experience a ete renouvellee en 2009...

Charlie G (de) wrote: Thank god Josh Brolin is a good actor again after agreeing to play Thanos.

Felicia C (ag) wrote: Something compelling about the rhythm and the stillness of the camera placement.

Johnson C (br) wrote: A blue comedy about 4 men wanna 'play'.

Kristi M (nl) wrote: I can't figure out what I'm watching. Dirty Dancing? Besides the few nods back to the original including a dancer with a face prosthetic so that she looks like Baby from a distance it really doesn't make sense to call it Dirty Dancing as a remake or sequel of sorts. Is Evita involved somehow? Wait, now it's high school musical. Was that a dance move from Grease? I'm confused. Havana Nights is completely pointless and nothing more than aimless fluff with absolutely no chemistry between..well any of the characters. I gave it two stars because it's always fun watching people dance.

Fiona M (au) wrote: Recommended by barb blokpoel

Valeree J (it) wrote: Caught this one by accident over on Netflix- thought it was going to be a crime thriller, and discovered that it's more of a psychological horror movie... which I wasn't up for. Very dark, with no relief.

Jos G (es) wrote: Federico Luppi me encanta. El guin de esta pelcula es sublime.

Jason D (ca) wrote: An excellent little film that plays up the Mexican American culture where a struggling man who sells oranges on the side of the road is handed a million dollars and told to hold onto it for 30 days. He uses it as collateral, trying to build up a life in America, but all sorts of hurdles jump in the way. Nice little film, with some funny moments. I liked it.

Dustin D (mx) wrote: I used to watch this movie all the time as a kid. I don't know how I enjoyed it them, but now it is hilarious to me. Leslie Nielsen is classic.

Kyle E (de) wrote: The follow-up to Clive Barker's Hellraiser is a terrific horror flick with a great cast, great effects and very good directing provided by Tony Randel. As far as sequels are concerned, Hellbound is one of the better sequels in a horror franchise. Usually a sequel tends to lack the power of the original film, however this is not the case for Hellbound. Though not as great as Hellraiser; this film has all the necessary elements to create the effective terror that Hellraiser fans have come to expect. This film is designed to disturb its audience and like the first film, it does it very well. Though Clive Barker didn't direct this film, you can still see his imagination run wild throughout the film. The film succeeds at delivering dark images of melancholic painful terror. This film is a worthy enough sequel to Clive Barker's original masterpiece, and it continues where the first left off. Lead actresses Clare Higgins and Ashley Laurence reprise their roles from the first film, and it brings an even greater sense of continuity to the film. Fans of the first film will most likely enjoy this film, and like the first Hellraiser, it remains a must see film for fans. This is the best sequel in the entire franchise, and as the series progressed; it's easy to see why. If you've enjoyed the first film, then give this one a view, you'll most likely going to enjoy it as much as Barker's classic of terror.

Johnny B (it) wrote: Possibly the most underrated comedy of the 80s.

Jenna I (gb) wrote: Snore. Like a really boring history lesson with corny theme music and the same shots over and over... the cameos are amusing but not nearly enough to hold up the movie. Also I find it unacceptable to have a WW2 film about occupation that doesn't even /allude/ to all of the Jews that were kicked out before the French decided to resist. Overall it's not a terrible film, it's just about an hour and a half too long and has no interesting characters. Wasted talent.

Kauko K (ca) wrote: truly impressive and far more than well acted

Jon F (ca) wrote: This film has a good 80's feel it's not bad but not great? You get to see Linda Hamilton Boob and leaves you with the question. Was Tommy Lee Jones ever young?

Adrian L (fr) wrote: The one armed swordsman makes a return with the final fight scene a breathtaking one take sequence.

Steve W (jp) wrote: This film is about levity, censorship, politics, and a whole lot more. Its a different kind of war film, not about gory battle scenes but about morale and trust. Robin Williams is solid, and is backed by a good cast of allies and over the top military assholes. Its not amazing, but worth a look.

apollo h (jp) wrote: excellent movie, haven't watched it in a few years & it's still excellent.CLASSIC!!!!REMEMBER THE TITANS