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  • Release:1916
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THE DEVIL'S NEEDLE (1916, dir: Chester Withey) stars silent superstar Norma Talmadge as Renee, a French artist's model who uses morphine as an escape from the dull reality of her life. She recommends it to a neurotic artist played by Tully Marshall (Queen Kelly), because "it kindles the fires of genius." The artist quickly becomes addicted to the drug and the quality of his work begins to disintegrate. He takes on a new model, marries her, and starts her on the same path of moral degradation, until a guilt-ridden Renee decides to intervene in order to save them both. According to silent film historian Kevin Brownlow, THE DEVIL'S NEEDLE was banned by the state of Ohio, but the censor board reversed its decision after recognizing the positive message beneath the film's scandalous surface. This special edition was mastered from a 35mm preservation print of the 1923 re-release version. The only known surviving copy, the element suffers significant nitrate decomposition during some scenes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Nathan T (jp) wrote: This is a terrible movie. action is dull, plot sucks, acting is miserable. The stunts and special effects were what killed it for me. At one time, a guy was falling off the building, and it literally looked like they stopped the camera and replaced it with a dummy, with a terrible cut so it looked like the falling dude jumped in mid-air... haha

D M (mx) wrote: Crappy thriller with a Skull-n-Bones type fraternity. Strangely, membership includes many thirtysomethings.

Caleb K (kr) wrote: The best of the "Road to..." movies.

Johnny N (de) wrote: A film that speaks on many levels. An anti war message mixed with optimism and pessimism. they truly don't make em like they used to. I feel the humanity of this picture. And the pain of war.

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