The Devil's Playground

The Devil's Playground

A powerful drama relating the intimate aspect of teenage boys and their priest/educators behind the walls of a religious institution where rigid discipline backfires natural feelings are deemed unnatural acts and human lives are controlled in the names of good intentions

Fred Schepisi's film, 'The Devil's Playground' is an intimate portrait of Tom, a thirteen-year-old struggling in spirit and body with the constraints of living in a Catholic seminary. It is... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill R (br) wrote: so this had a decent premise for the movie but it was just poorly executed. The beginning was all cliche and then they mixed the movie Shrooms in which I just scoffed at to begin with since that was a really good movie. but by the time everything starts coming into full swing it's confusing and there are some moments of clarity that make you go "ahhhh" but over all it falls short of being anything memerable.

Sam L (jp) wrote: Good story, love the actors. GREAT songs.

Jason C (ru) wrote: One of the best (and few) really good golf movies around!

Tony L (kr) wrote: Per my opinion this is the second best Trek film, transcended only by"The Wrath of Kahn".

Walter M (gb) wrote: In "Apartment Zero," Adrian LeDuc(Colin Firth) runs a moribund repertory cinema club in Buenos Aires but turns down his friend Claudia's(Francesca d'Aloja) offers to rent out his theatre for political meetings, preferring, in his words, to keep the blood off the walls and on the screen. With his mother(Elvia Andreoli) requiring constant medical care, he puts an ad in the newspaper for a roommate. After a few applicants that do not meet his high standards, Jack(Hart Bochner), a hunky American, shows up to rent the room, with Adrian even making him breakfast. Early on in "Apartment Zero," Adrian admonishes people who watch films on video, saying they prefer to skip through the slow parts. Later on, I was thinking again of that statement, wondering if Adrian could possibly be commenting on the film he is in, as it suffers from a particularly crawling pace, even with its psychosexual themes on full display. Just as the movie finally kicks into gear when it takes a turn towards the baroque in its last act, it also takes an extremely roundabout way to also take full advantage of its intriguing post-junta milieu. A situation Adrian ignores because he has had his head in the sand, apparently due to his love of movies.(He even acts more English than Argentinian.) In any case, Colin Firth is superb, years before he would cause half of England to have a spontaneous orgasm.

Sean D (mx) wrote: I have no clue why this movie has a better rating than the remake when it sucks. It's low on the graphic violence side, but there is definitely a bit of it. Nothing really happens for like half of the film. It's an extremely slow slasher. Throw all your conventional ideas about supernatural films out the window, there is no logic with this one except one idea that is told about long in the beginning and you're reminded about it... On Halloween, the spirits of both good and evil are free to roam the land. That's all good and all, but apps rely that also applies to anyone who is killed as well by the spirits are also alive and evil. Then, when the night ends, everyone goes bye bye. Except for, say the main possessed one which also breaks all logic, especially subject she wasn't even the first to be possessed. Anyway, it's ridiculous and over the top, but an okay watch. The remake is way better and gorier. You have terrible acting and typical '80s teenager crap. But apparently all the female actresses they hired have amazing and perfectly beautiful breasts. Did I mention that the Asian girl has the biggest of then all? Very interesting indeed. And that's about it. The film felt dragged in if you can believe it.

Jill B (fr) wrote: A fun romantic comedy about seven people whose lives are all intertwined as they go through the ups and downs of finding and keeping love. Might be a little clich but that's part of the fun.

El T (gb) wrote: A guilty pleasure, and a personal favourite.

Martin T (es) wrote: A stark, bleak downer of a film, centered around a relationship obviously doomed from the start. There really isn't a single bright moment to be found, and Anderson lets every depressing moment play out in harsh realism. Richard Harris is superb in the lead, seething with brutality and frustration like a British Brando. The narrative, told partly in flashback, does occasionally make the chronology confusing.