The Devil's Teardrop

The Devil's Teardrop

When a man known only as "The Digger" opens fire in a train station many are left dead. The only clue the FBI has is a hand written letter with demands on it. Agent Margurete needs help analyzing it and the best is retired specialist Kincaid.

Many people are left dead when a man known only as "The Digger" opens fire in a train station. A hand written letter is the only clue. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jona S (ru) wrote: It looks like ANOTHER Disney musical that will be annoying and not a great way to spend a weekend night (you'll get the songs stuck in your head during the night, and will hear them while you sleep UNTIL YOU ARE DEAD!)

Shmags Z (br) wrote: its a golmaal movi sooo it delivers vat u xpect n thts vat makes it a preeety gud watch :!

Jesse O (es) wrote: I'd have to say that this movie is pretty good overall. I think it's got an unique approach to its story and a visual style that helps set the mood perfectly. You can sense that a lot of work was put into this so, to me, this doesn't feel like the standard horror fare. But at the same time there's something underwhelming about the entire movie. It's never bad, but I think the movie gets a confusing when it's trying to explain backstory or how the powers these "people" have work. You never really have any idea what's going on in these scenes, because they never clearly explain what's going so you have to guess most of the times. There's a good idea here with Fergal being so fed up with living a sheltered life that he does the one thing that puts him in more danger than he already is. But, again, there's not much complexity to these parts either, perhaps it's because the actor playing Fergal isn't necessarily great. The acting is strong, but mostly the veteran actors like James Nesbitt and Kate Dickie do a great job at their roles. It's kind of a shame, as mentioned, that the movie pales in comparison to the other, and better, parts of the film. I think this could've been something special if the script was a little bit more explanatory than it was. It just felt like everything else got more attention than what is ultimately the most important part of the movie, the script. But, even with all that, I still think it's a pretty good movie with some good ideas, a good visual style and good atmosphere that's lessened by a confusing script.

Belinda B (br) wrote: One of the funniest Bill Murray movies with a hunky dude named Matthew.

Kristen W (ca) wrote: Fan. Tastic. So much fun. I haven't seen a film quite like this before and loved every second of it.

Dane T (es) wrote: It's not great but it ain't bad either.

Jill R (kr) wrote: I enjoyed the film I felt it had Heart it was funny but micheal cera never branches out he plays the same character besides that flaw this was a pretty good movie Grade B

Rob L (mx) wrote: Phenomenal movie. Korea's 'Saving Private Ryan'.

Sapphire G (us) wrote: I just liked (LOVED) the music and looking at hot Murilo Benicio serenading Penelope with the song "Cinzas." He actually is Brazilian so the fact that he was lyp-synching Paulinho Moska's cover is irrelevant, it was a beautiful scene. Most of the rest was just a lil' cheesy. Honestly I like Penelope only in Spanish movies, so in this one she was particularly annoying. I bought the soundtrack on amazon though, that I do recommend.

Brian C (fr) wrote: Entertaining overall, but I don't think the film accomplished what it was trying to.

Sue S (gb) wrote: I got gameShe got gameWe got gameThey got gameHe got gameIt might feel goodIt might sound a lil' somethinBut the fuck the game if it ain't saying nothin'

Gregory W (br) wrote: Very well written S/B called slow twist and turns

David S (ag) wrote: Minor Bergman, in my opinion, about a loner's evolving relationship with a woman with a tragic past. The subplot of the mystery person killing animals on the island leads to very little payoff, even from the point of view of it being a manifestation of hatred on the parts of the people there. The most unsuccessful bits, though, are the breaks where the actors explain how they feel about their characters--completely extraneous and a little condescending. Overall though, okay Bergman is still better than a lot of other stuff.

Jakki J (ru) wrote: Yes, it's corny just like all the other beach party movies, so it may not be for everyone but I just can't resist! Best known for the scene with the song "Pajama Party", and although Frankie Avalon only makes a small cameo, Tommy Kirk is a lovable fill in. After all, this duo has starred in other Disney movies together so it's a familiar pairing.

Stella D (au) wrote: great performances from sinatra and maclaine, who's cute as a button but also kinda pathetic. widescreen technicolor melodrama about the underside of small town life in the 50s complete with middle class conformity and madonna/whore complex. even dino can't ruin this

Bill T (kr) wrote: Fun little small-town potboiler here as Stanwyck plays a woman returning to a town she ran away from because of scandalous affair, to become a famous dancer. Now she's back to face the town, her husband and her family! All the tongues are wagging because noone knows what to make of her (she must be trouble!) and soon, what do yu know, the original guy she had the affair with starts making the moves on her agaon.While this is interesting, it seems a bit low-brow for such a pro as Stanwyck. You can easily see her rise above this material. Good for a chuckle at least.

Patrice F (fr) wrote: A wonderful and at times trippy ode to the swinging 60s.

Nicolas O (jp) wrote: Premiere realisation de Nicholas Ray. Une des premiere histoire d'ados en fuite. Visuellement a couper le souffle et personnages secondaires tres laids, mechants et originaux. Manque un peu de rhytme.

Joe I (us) wrote: Absolutely engaging throughout.

Zachary Y (ag) wrote: a good movie, but somewhat pretentious at times.