The Devious Path

The Devious Path

Brigitte Helm stars as a woman neglected by her self-absorbed husband who begins to mix with a questionable crowd in a trendy nightclub. Her encounters eventually lead to disastrous results.

Brigitte Helm (Metropolis) stars as a woman neglected by her self-absorbed husband who begins to mix with a questionable crowd in a trendy nightclub. Her encounters eventually lead to disastrous results. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John B (nl) wrote: Wonderful movie and touching story with a great cast in JL Hewitt & Betty White

Juha S (es) wrote: This was a complete mess, writers took the plot to different directions. The best thing in this was Lauren Hollys enormous lips and tits :-)

David S (br) wrote: One of my favourite comedy movies of all time. So many laugh out loud moments!

Marlan M (gb) wrote: An early mystery for Professor Layton. I love the game and the game's music, and thought that, although this film starts off with enough promise, it falls apart by the end.

Ajay N (ru) wrote: This movie is nice. It's funny, but not hilarious; songs are good, but not great. Boman Irani's performance is very good however. He is very funny. Amrita Rao's presence accounts for at least one star in this rating, but though her performance was good, her character was not as good as in other films.

Frances H (mx) wrote: Very grim, but this kind of film is necessary, lest we forget.

Ilona D (ag) wrote: Asia Argento is a long-time favourite, totally underrated!

Kathryn R (kr) wrote: I can't believe the bad reviews! I love Tim Allen and I LOVE this movie! I have seen it 100 times and getting ready to watch it again tonight with my hubby. People stating their negative opinion of it, does not mean it's not good. So watch it and decide for yourself! xoxo

Tasos L (ca) wrote: Ahead of its time...

Greg R (au) wrote: alot better than I was expecting...very sympathetic (to Macartur) retelling...Peck is very believable....certainly educational

John R (es) wrote: This movie sucks. How did it win any awards. The lowest ranking allowable is a half star. I wish i could give it negative for taking an hour and a half of my life away from me.

Matt S (de) wrote: Guadalcanal Diary might be a far cry from The Thin Red Line but it paid homage to supporting the war effort at home. It has impressive war and battle narrations.

Paul J (ag) wrote: It gets extra points for originality. Duvall & Spacek are superb as the two leads. The film captures awkward isolation perfectly. Especially from Duvall who is painful to watch in the best way possible. Her choices are quirky and painfully honest. No wonder she won Best Actress at Cannes. Altman may be referencing Persona a little throughout. I love how the film has more to do with emotion and feeling, rather than story. Much is left open to interpretation but thanks to a haunting and brilliant score (typical of the 70's), there's a mood that unsettles and makes us feel the characters alienation and discomfort. One could even interpret this film as if all three women are in fact the same person (like Lynch's Mulholland Drive). The re-occurring images of mirrors and water reflections possibly illustrate this. There's also plenty of clues. No one hardly notices them. Do they both actually even work at her job? Spacek uses Duvall's work card, shares her SIN number, takes her man, her car, clothes and even job. The third woman is the most mysterious (and featured the least) but perhaps all three of them represent a different side to the same personality.

bill s (br) wrote: There's enough crap thrown against the wall that some of it sticks.....the lesser of the two films in this series.

Ste H (ag) wrote: Horrific yet compelling.

S L (fr) wrote: I would have never images myself enjoying a movie about football, but I did.

Beth C (es) wrote: Grade A cast in this Agatha Christie Cole Porter soundtrack.

Emod L (jp) wrote: 46%Regression at least has a solid cast and some creepy imagery, but that doesn't elevate a shoddy script riddled with cliches.