The Diabolical Dr. Z

The Diabolical Dr. Z

A woman seeks to avenge her father's death by using a local dancer, with long poisonous fingernails, to do her bidding.

Woman seeks to avenge her father's death by using a local dancer, with long poisonous fingernails, to do her bidding. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim G (de) wrote: The story itself wasn't as compelling as I hoped but the people involved certainly are a bit fascinating.

Diego F (kr) wrote: A stunning documentary that reveals the internal struggles that America's 16th President had to deal with as he lead a divided nation through an internal war, an ideological fight, all while never abandoning the world stage and having to sometimes sacrifice himself for an ideal that he stands for.I'm only giving this masterpiece a bad rating because I disagree with some of the far-left liberal ideological points it makes.

Supratik M (fr) wrote: Shor in the City was a pleasant surprise. The movie's supporting cast outshines its lead, though Sendhil Ramamurthy does not disappoint in his role as the NRI bullied by street thugs. The movie is very well crafted and captures the chaos in a day in Mumbai perfectly.

Brad S (nl) wrote: Really enjoyed this one. Based on a true story, it really is fascinating. Excellent script and an outstanding performance from Claire Danes. I also liked some of the techniques they used to show how Temple thinks I'm pictures. Highly recommended!

Christine R (us) wrote: love thhis movie because i love saved by the bell

Kaitlin L (kr) wrote: i liked this movie...very what if its bad...its a classic cheesy formula and it works lol

Tony B (it) wrote: Ha! You see what Chuck has done there? Because you see, it's bad guys who usually, ya know, wear black... yeah? He's twisted it? You see? My God, he's a genius!

Simon H (au) wrote: Wall Street is a difficult film to share an opinion on. It is not a bad film. The lead characters are cast well and Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen work well together. It would have been interesting to see what kind of future career Sheen could have had if he didn't have his personal problems later in life. It is also fun to see Martin Sheen turn up as the father of Charlie Sheen's characters. It adds that nice extra layer when seeing the two characters interact together. The direction is top notch too with some good editing. I personally liked the idea of the split screens showing a number of scenes at once responding to the same situation.The problem with Wall Street would not be there for everyone who watches it. Wall Street does have a very specific topic it addresses. It might sound harsh to say, but if you have absolutely no interest in stockbroking and the stock exchange then I would suggest avoiding this film altogether. Unless your a major fan of Douglas or Sheen then you may be able to tolerate it. It's not the most exciting topic and if your like me and have no interest, then all the talk will fly straight over your head. There were scenes of characters talking with me being completely clueless on what was being said. Because of this lack of interest, I found myself viewing 2 hours of dull and boring money talk.My rating does not represent the overall film. It's made well and should be recognised for it, however it is only really there for a particular audience. A score right down the middle means that you will either enjoy it or dislike it depending on where you stand with your money.

Alex W (gb) wrote: On paper is got "oscar contender" written all over it but you can see why it was passed over. I think its weakness is a plot that's not all that compelling and a protagonist that's not that sympathetic.