The Diary of St. Petersburg: Mozart. Requiem

The Diary of St. Petersburg: Mozart. Requiem


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The Diary of St. Petersburg: Mozart. Requiem torrent reviews

Liam B (us) wrote: a drama that perfectly demonstrates the damage inflicted by a government that incentivises human misery for the sake of ideological small state government and tax cuts for the rich

Michael K (au) wrote: As good as any N.Geographic film/tv special I've seen. Amazing footage.

Bry G (es) wrote: Faith!!!! Stream it!

Amanda G (gb) wrote: i thought this movie was cute and funny.

xou x (jp) wrote: Species has been reawakened for the effort of grabbing mens attention to aliens. Where the word nerd or geek doesnt stick on. It doesnt add a whole new dimension or flavor to the mix. Its the same old but with a plot that doesnt require to much sexuality. Its more of growing old and giving someone life. New life. I like the setwork and the performances wasnt to bad but the lack of imagination is really killing me.

Anthony I (de) wrote: While interesting enough to be kept thoroughly entertained, its politics are blatantly left wing when it should have just told the truth and nothing more. It's a revealing, but flawed political drama.

Jason M (gb) wrote: Another excellent Baltimore flick from the director of "Diner", "Avalon" and "Rain Man".

Sylvester K (jp) wrote: A remake of a German film- The Sky Above Berlin, it follows an angel who falls in love with a surgeon and desires to become human. Starring Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan, probably Cage's best performance ever.

Jason M (ca) wrote: Throw logi out the window its a teen high school comedy its a decent stoner movie

Robert S (ca) wrote: A great movie that dramatizes a first love through well crafted scenes, fun dialog, and intellectualism.

Nikki F (de) wrote: Frank Capra's swan song, and the ole heart string tugger. Fun, yet bittersweet. Has you leaving the cinema with a spring in your step and expecting the world to be in glorious Hollywood technicolor.

Tyler R (gb) wrote: It was awful. Awful Acting and mediocre plot. Poor production values and pacing. Pass on this one.

Buggy B (gb) wrote: A pretty bad movie all in. The only thing that makes this at all watchable is the fact that its a Christmas movie. Ben Affleck is just terrible- painful at times to watch- the rest of the cast (Gandolfini, Applegate, O'Hara) kind of makes up for him but keep Affleck away from comedy. The story is also lame (A lonely successful man pays the sullen owners of his childhood home to let him spend Christmas with them). Despite all the mediocre this did give me a couple of big laughs, and I suppose the whole being with family and money can't buy happiness is in keeping with the season too.12.13

Mark S (fr) wrote: The story of Father Josemaria Escriva and the Opus Dei movement was an important development of the 20th Century, and "There Be Dragons" gives us a dramatized depiction of the group's struggle to survive during the Spanish Civil War. "There Be Dragons" is engrossing. The battle scenes are uneven, but some succeed in creating hellish images, The movie's theme of unconditional love & forgiveness gets muddled by uneven pacing in the final act of the story.

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