The Dicktator

The Dicktator

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Ellen G (mx) wrote: Bortsett fra drlig norsk skuespill, s var den til syvende og sist bra.

John M (br) wrote: Spike Jonze puts his needle-sharp observation skills to work in this witty, heartwarming comic drama. A well judged and sweet-natured swipe at modern relationships.Phoenix is at his understated best and Scarlett Johansson lends her warm, charming vocals, achieving quite a feat, making the audience care about a disembodied voice. It's feel-good, but also bittersweet, it's funny but also beautifully poetic. One of my favorites.

Andy C (de) wrote: Follows you standard Poke-movie formula. Ash and pals turn up in a new location only to be coincide with the onset of some legendary Pokemon trouble. In a way the gang have become their own genre's version of Murder She wrote, replacing the murders with Pokemon mishaps of course. Anyway following that theme ever so slightly this time it's a real frame up job. It seems some evil TV exec it blackmailing the illusion making Zourak in a Scooby-do esq plot to scare away the townsfolk, in turn leaving him free to look for a time portal somehwere in the town, which he'll be able to use to restore his youth (somehow). With no less than 4 legendary beasties putting in a showing along with the two new creatures (which were probably more exciting for Pokemon fans living in Japan where the films release pre-dated the new games). Fans will no doubt enjoy it but the series has certainly shone brighter.

WS W (es) wrote: I don't care much about the based on true events thing. There were moments but overall it looks more like a lousy TV movie for most of the time.

Leonardo Malacay S (de) wrote: Mala es la palabra que mejor describe a esta pelcula de la cual lo nico rescatable son los ltimos minutos donde intentan darnos una leccin moralizante que la encuentro conveniente.

Luis G (jp) wrote: There is only a couple of differences between part one and part two, and i think it really does improve the latter film. Its definately more darker and tense than the first and the storyline is complete applicable to the mood of the film. This dramatically enhances it by losing its biopicness and evolves into a tense war drama. The film is filled with setbacks and alternate conflicts and the complete purpose of the film is clearer (unlike the part one), It simply runs with the theme of knowing when and where you are needed as a human being, its really relatable and makes this film a cut above the first film.Everything else though is fairly similar to the first part, which is not a bad thing mind. Del toro's acting is still strong and perhaps because of the change in mood, it highlights even further del toro's acting skill.Overall, a really great film and it could easily be a stand alone film but id recommend it to anyone.

Deek B (nl) wrote: If you're a fan of the Flaming Lips (like I am), it's another great artistic masterpiece by Wayne Coyne. But if you never got into the Flaming Lips, you'll think it's weird as fuck. So it really depends on how much the Flaming Lips means to you.

Naische F (jp) wrote: Uma Thurman puts in a splendid performance as the Jersey Girl desperately seeking affection and wanting during the late 1980s. Fine effort from director Mira Nair, despite the HBO production stamp. Really enjoyed hearing the soundtrack too, a lot of good old classics there from the 1980s. Gene Rowlands sleepwalks through her role as Uma Thurman's mother who seems quite sadenned by things. Ben Gazaarra also shares some wonderful scenes with the cast. The underlying theme here is to stop chasing the impossible and trying to please people who are not interested in returning the favour and just be yourself and enjoy the relationships that surround you in your everyday life! I like the fact that this was very un-American in its approach with the characters and was nice from start to finish.

Adam A (it) wrote: "Spy Kids" is a smart and visually creative film that works for both children aswell as grown-ups.

Max H (au) wrote: Billy Crystal does his usual underacting, while Robin Williams goes over the top in ways i couldn't imagine before this movie. AVOID.

Matthew S (au) wrote: Avalon is a strange little film. Originally filmed in the Polish language but dubbed into english, written by Japanese, directed by the person who brough us Ghost in the Shell, and borrowing heavily from The Matrix in terms of style and design, Avalon is a film that seems like it would appeal to a lot of science fiction fans. Instead, it will likely wind up languishing in obscure video stores, forgotten and unwanted. It's unfortunate but not unexpected. Without the anime-fan appeal that the rest of Oshii's animated features enjoy, Avalon doesn't have a market that will actively seek it out. Admittedly, Avalon doesn't live up to the rest of Mamoru Oshii's films, but it's still a good film, and definately worth a look, especially if you can understand the Polish voicing without subtitles. The film is set in the near future, where young people who have nothing else to live for participate in a fantastical virtual reality wargame called "Avalon". Some never return from it, winding up in hospital beds requiring medical attention. Despite the explosions featured on the cover, the action sequences are short, and there aren't very many of them. The special effects look very unique, and the sepia-tone filter put over the film makes it hard to distinguish the real world from the virtual world, unlike The Matrix where it's surprisingly easy. Really, whether or not you will like this film is whether or not you can put up with Mamoru Oshii's continental-drift pace style of film. It will go on for ages with seemingly nothing happening, and then act as if many, many things had just happened. It's up to the viewer to piece everything together and figure out what's going on for yourself... Which brings me to Miramax's butchering of the English dub. It takes out a lot of the appeal of the film by explaining EVERYTHING via voiceovers. While it might help the average viewer understand, what Miramax apparently did NOT understand was that this film isn't aimed at "average" viewers, it's aimed at a small niche of film-lovers willing to put up with Oshii's directoral style and dig deeply into the metaphorical meanings of every single shot. For them... it's pretty good. Not amazing. Even for someone like me, it seemed to be dragged out. But it's still worthy of your support, just know what you are getting into. OVERALL: 7.0/10