The Dictator

The Dictator

The heroic story of a dictator who risks his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed.

The heroic story of a North African dictator who risks his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed. The Republic of Wadiya is ruled by an eccentric and oppressive leader named Hafez Aladeen. Aladeen is summoned to New York to a UN assembly to address concerns about his country';s nuclear weapons program, but the trip goes awry. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt M (it) wrote: Does the name Freda Kelly sound familiar? No? Maybe it's because she hasn't told her story in fifty years. Freda was the Beatles' secretary and manager of the fan club throughout most of their career, from their early days of the cavern to their split up. At some point in the film someone says that Freda's story will be the last great story left to tell about the Beatles. Somehow, this is doubtful, as the story of the legendary Fab Four has been told time and time again in all manners and forms. Unfortunately, it is also untrue that this is a great story at all - good ol' Freda is a sweet natured woman but she doesn't offer the kind of priceless insight that a fan would hope for. What is very rewarding about the film is the loving and humble way in which she gives her own first-hand account of the times and it is lovely to see her eyes sparkle with joy and happiness as she remembers the band and those riveting wonderful days of her exciting youth.

Wemerson R (br) wrote: Filme muito bom mesmo e que consegue me tocar mesmo em meio a cenas de puro sangue.

Tara H (us) wrote: This is a great movie for the young at heart. Brilliant cast, especially Ellen Page, very uplifting.

Craig D (ru) wrote: Yes, it's a very low budget horror film. But with that aside, the insanely metal sound track is well worth it. Plus LOTS-O-NUDITY!!!

Daniel P (it) wrote: Not interested in this stupid hedgehog man.

Eric B (it) wrote: good movie but Howard Cosell's voice just gets annoying.

Ash J (ag) wrote: Acceptable for being a decent animated adult adventure, but nothing close to the original.

Dean M (us) wrote: Two renegade cops, Jalal Merhi and Cynthia Rothrock are good to trail a kung fu killer. Chinese muscle-bound Bolo Yeung is known as the best villain in several martial arts movies.

Damian J (jp) wrote: Crazy old film, with scary monsters and space ships. What more could anyone want?

David P (kr) wrote: Very disappointing. Can't even sit through it. Nothing redeeming other King Kong is in it

Eric H (br) wrote: This film is a major chore to finish, as there's just nothing interesting about it. Plus, while it's bad and cheap, it's just not bad and cheap enough to be fun for a laugh--it's just bad!

Matthew C (ru) wrote: I like this story of a couple unhappy Englishmen who head east in search of adventure. Awesome performance from Orson Welles as the Eastern warlord Bayan, and a lot of good supporting players. My only real issue comes with lead Tyrone Powers, who I normally like, but who came off as kind of a dim, petulant child in this. There are some really cool scenes and the overall path of the story is cool. But at times, it(TM)s a touch slow.

Doctor S (kr) wrote: Overdone love/hate relationship between fickle Ruby (Jean Harlow) and slick con man with a crooked smile Eddie (Clark Gable). Ruby's actions felt disingenuous and only one critical line of dialogue ("Because he's too good for me!") gave any insight into her character. Still, Harlow & Gable are always worth watching and the first half was enjoyable, but the final third crippled with a tedious scheme of trying to get them secretly married. At that point Hold Your Man was of more interest as a history lesson as young women who were unruly or "improper" could be sent to a reformatory to learn how to behave. Can you imagine?? Without breaking any laws, if a judge thought you exhibited low moral character you could spend a couple years being treated like a juvenile delinquent. That'll keep 'em in line!

Scott A (au) wrote: I had originally thought I had seen this before, I guess I had just seen the final section, but even most of that I didn't remember.The film is three stories connected by this one cat. In the first two, it's just kind of there, while the third story it is a main aspect.The score was cheesy through all sections. The nods to other King films were kind of fun. One character is watching Dead Zone, another reading Pet Sematary. The film begins with a Cujo look-a-like chasing the cat, who are both nearly run over a car that says it's Christine.The first story was pretty good, as James Woods is a smoker that goes to this place that specializes in making people quit. Through horrible acts mind you. I felt that a company like this could never be real. Having spies following him around, or spying in his own house, and if he got caught, shocking people he cared about? The end was humorous.The second act is Robert Hays being forced to walk around a building on the ledge by some rich douche. You kind of know how it will end as soon as he starts walking.The last act is this little creature coming out at night and stalking an adorable Drew Barrymore. The cat arrives to save her. I found it interesting that the creature was trying to suck the life out of her, and her father even says that is why cat's are bad, as they can do this too. And King would later make that into another film: Sleepwalkers.Anytime any effects are needed, mostly in the third act, they can look really bad. The scene matting looks fake like it did back in the day.If you are looking for a more serious Creepshow, this film is for you!

Tanya L (mx) wrote: omg what a great movie so sweet.just a worrning if you have3nt seen it , you will cry.

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