The Die Is Cast

The Die Is Cast

A story about two brothers and how they deal with everything life brings

Felipe, an aspiring actor, believes he is jinxed after an unfortunate event. His struggle to find the cause and cure of his jinx. His half-brother is not doing much better, but among the two of them embark on a mission to change their lives and fulfill their father's dream. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rangan R (jp) wrote: The amusement park where you can go back in time!I wanted to see it before I get into the new television series of the same name based on this. This is totally amazing film, especially coming from the early 70s. Obviously everyone understands the cowboy culture, because it was from the past. But mixing it with the future was the real beauty here. The robots and all, I don't think all the people from that era understood it clearly, but surely they have got entertained. So now, people do have knowledge about the things what in this film was talked, but still this film is effective despite the technology differs.No doubt this film was the source of inspiration for many films that came after it. That's what I was remembering while watching that so many titles popped in my mind. So hats off to the creator of this. But looking at its rating and reviews, seems an under-rated and under-recognised film. The story was kept simple, not making any complication, either technical terms or characters and the story developments.The two friends head for an amusement part where they can have the real wild wild west holiday by drawing the arms against the robots. But one day when something goes wrong, one of them who got stranded there, looks for a way out and how he makes it told in the remaining narration. It does not give any reason why malfunction happened. Because that's how things happen right, like when a plane crash, we investigate what caused it later. So in this, it was just focused on a disaster, but the first half of was different which was more an introduction to what kind of world the story sets in.If 'Star Wars' is the father of all the space films and 'The Lord of the Rings' for all the fantasy films, then this must be the father of all the dystopian films that we see in the present cinema. Certainly it is not a masterpiece, but the idea of the film plot stands alone. It opened the door for the similarly themed films like 'Night of the Living Dead' did for the zombie films. A must, must see film, particularly by the film fanatics.8/10

Publius P (mx) wrote: This story tells us about a boy who is being bullied at school and is getting too much attention from his parents because he is blind. Not being able to lead a normal life he becomes a shy boy who is always ready to protect himself from others. However, in spite of all this pressure he stayed who he was and also he was honest and brave enough to be with whom he really wanted to be.

IJ T (gb) wrote: i like bill murray and i like elephants :D

Bob G (gb) wrote: Lousy rip off of Series 7 or Survive Style 5, this time with convicted felons. If they survive, they get freedom and 50 million smackeroos. Oh, but here's the twist: they not only have to survive the elements and each other. They also have to deal with a few hundred zombie super soldiers left over from a failed military experiment.An example of how stupid this thing is: early in the film, one of the characters kills another and threatens to do the same to yet another. Some fifteen minutes later, she finds a shotgun and wonders aloud what she's supposed to do with it.

Timm S (ca) wrote: Everyone Should See This. Shines An Unflinching Light, With A Simple Photo, Through A Lense, On Our Sapping Of This Planet. It Is Hard To Watch, As Being Part Of The 1st-World, Leaves Me Solely Responsible For Driving The Demand For Material Possessions..Not Sure Where It Will End, But The Landscapes Our Consumerist Culture Creates Is Pretty Darn Ugly. What A Sad Sight...Hrmmm.

Zurino O (kr) wrote: Palpable tension. and POOL sharks!

Allan C (es) wrote: I used to think David Lynch was brilliant. Now I think he's just being weird without any sense of theme or metaphor. Still, Lynch's aesthetic is just about always interesting to watch, even if it's vapid nonsense.

Jared D (es) wrote: "to be completely honest I don't remember why I went, who I was with, or anything other than a shower scene. So, 5 out of 5 stars."- Washington Foreskins

Tyler D (kr) wrote: really good movie and i recommend that you should watch it and it is very long and i just wanna let you know that kevin costner does get naked in the movie

Chuck W (kr) wrote: All I have to say here is I no joke fell asleep.