The Dinner Club

The Dinner Club

Karen (32) and Michel (36) move with their daughter to an exclusive residential area. She soon finds a new close circle of friends: the women of the Dinner Club, and their husbands. But ...

Karen (32) and Michel (36) move with their daughter to an exclusive residential area. She soon finds a new close circle of friends: the women of the Dinner Club, and their husbands. But ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leon B (kr) wrote: Review: Personally, I didn't find this movie that funny, because it's basically just Ricky Gervais making a complete fool out of himself for an hour and a half, and the reprise of David Brent, from the Office, didn't have the same amusing sketches like the series. This movie see's Brent giving his music career one more go, so he tries to put his previous band, the "Forgone Conclusion", together but they all have personal issues. When he finally puts together another band, they go on the road, financed by Brent, and it all becomes a big embarrassment. His band are just along for the ride, and they don't associate themselves with Brent because they think he's is a complete idiot. After wasting loads of money on his disastrous tour, he goes back to his office job, accepting the fact that his music days are behind him but he is still optimistic about his future, on the road. I did find the ending quite sweet, when he walks off with his work colleague Pauline Gray (Jo Hartley), to get some coffee, and the fact the he had been suffering with depression, did give the movie a meaning but apart from that, it was just a typical Ricky Gervais comedy, which is more silly than funny. Some of the outrageous jokes did push the boundaries, especially the racist ones but on the plus side, the band actually wasn't that bad. I personally can't take that much of Ricky Gervais's comedy, so my expectations for this film wasn't that high, which was why I wasn't totally disappointed with the outcome. Average! Round-Up: This movie was also written and directed by Ricky Gervais, hence why I didn't find it that funny but after watching the behind the scenes footage, it really seemed fun to make, and there constant laughter on set, was more funnier than the movie itself. Anyway, with the success of the Office, Extras, Life's Too Short and Derek, Ricky Gervais has become an household name around the world but his movie career hasn't really taken off. The Invention of Lying and Cemetery Junction were pretty disappointing, which is why he took some time out from the public eye, so this movie seemed like a safe bet as it was about the much loved character, David Brent. I have to commend him for coming up with these fresh songs and performing them himself but I personally think that the movie would have worked better if the songs were completely awful, which there not. Anyway, I'm sure that the Office die hard fans will love the fact that he has returned to the big screen with David Brent but I personally didn't find it that amusing. Budget: N/A Worldwide Gross: $5.5million I recommend this movie to people who are into their music/comedies, starring Ricky Gervais, Rob Jarvis, Abbie Murphy, Jo Hartley, Andrew Brooke and Tom Bennett. 3/10

Steven B (kr) wrote: Alright, who do I smack for this??

Jeremiah B (br) wrote: One of the better zombie movies I've seen lately

Steve S (ru) wrote: Pretty good till the scarecrow started walking around.

Felipe F (it) wrote: Frozen River is a raw and visceral indie drama that succeeds largely thanks to Melissa Leo's absorbing lead performance.

MF J (br) wrote: A great second chapter in the life of these young ones we first met with the previous film. This time it's about finding the good one and boy it's not that easy.

Simon S (jp) wrote: Liked it, nothing more nothing less..

Bethany S (us) wrote: What ever happened to Natasha Lyonne?

Teena D (mx) wrote: I read the sequel "Getting to Happy" a couple months ago and it was good to go back and remind myself who the characters were. It's a fun time waster on a cloudy afternoon.

Logan M (us) wrote: The characters are magical, but the story is so boring.

Melissa B (ag) wrote: a great comedy about a new years eve concert and a lot of chaos , Lou Reed is in this and Daniel Stern :D a great cast and lots of fun! I have been trying to track this movie down again for years ! every end is a new beginning ~Captain Cloud

jon m (au) wrote: Awesome horro plot but should be remade.

Jason M (mx) wrote: One of the best movies in this genre you've never heard of. Milks our frustration with real tension and is totally creepy without anyone getting anything chopped off.