The Dirk Diggler Story

The Dirk Diggler Story

The rise and fall of Dirk Diggler.

The rise and fall of Dirk Diggler. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenna G (au) wrote: It is not the best film in the Bourne franchise, by far, but it's still a solid movie. The story could be better, to be honest, it's just good to see Jason Bourne again, man. The action is great, especially scenes in Las Vegas. The supporting cast is good. Should've been better overall, but still worth checking out, especially if you're a Bourne fan.

Paul D (it) wrote: As much as I normally enjoy Sam Rockwell, not even he could save this film from disaster. I loved the cast, but the script failed them all. There is an amusing moment or two, but certainly not enough of them for me to recommend that anyone bother to watch this.

Heather M (br) wrote: I am going to skip this one.

Karen W (au) wrote: Really important and harrowing film. The Australian Government had, and still has, a lot to answer for, particularly the deaths of these men

Federico F (kr) wrote: "El milagro de P. Tinto", "La ciudad no es para m" y chistes de zoofilia mezclados en la coctelera con msica serbia. Resultado: una mierda como una casa. Pero como es un director "de culto"...

David B (es) wrote: [font=Calibri][size=3][color=#000000]I?d like ?A Nightmare on Elm Street? patty, an order of ?Final Destination? Fries, a supersized ?Killer Klown? Kola and if you could throw in a ?Happy Birthday to Me? Meal with the ?Funhouse? toy, that would be swell. I wish I was kidding when that opening sounded exactly like what the writer was ordering while driving through a fast food joint one day and came up with the (ha) original idea for ?Drive Thru.? Incoherent scenes ? the lead?s birthday was to be the next day, but ended up two days later, horrible acting and so-called fast-food jokes, a laugh-out-loud 80?s dressed clown and awful music played while the Freddy Krueger copycat attacked. Yes, I?m taking it way too seriously ? it just seems to be a harmless remake of ?Nightmare? and ?Destination,? but it really could?ve been so much more. I?m probably just bitter for being such a huge fan of the movies it?s ripping off (well, for ?Nightmare,? ?Klown? and ?Destination,? not so much ?Funhouse? or ?Birthday?) and I wonder if it?s any coincidence that as a fan, as well, of NBC?s ?The Office? that it stars two people who has costarred on the TV show ? Nicholas D?Agosto and Melora Hardin. And as for the title, it?s practically nonexistent throughout the film; in fact all of the carnage (meaning both kills as well as the mangled script) in the film is, ah-hem, sandwiched between the only two drive thru scenes. [/color][/size][/font]

J M (ca) wrote: Appropriately titled. Believable, but occasionally too sluggish.

Stuart K (ag) wrote: Directed by Shane Meadows, who had shown gritty yet hopeful sides to life in Twenty Four Seven (1997) and A Room for Romeo Brass (1999)), he opted to do something a bit different, but keeping it grounded in his hometown of Nottingham. While Meadows' previous films had been smaller and contained, this has widescreen cinematography, and it feels like a big production, even though it was done on a shoestring. When petty thief Jimmy (Robert Carlyle) see's his ex-girlfriend Shirley (Shirley Henderson) being proposed to on TV by Dek (Rhys Ifans), Jimmy travels from Glasgow to Nottingham, where he spent most of his childhood in a foster home with 'sister' Carol (Kathy Burke). Jimmy and Shirley had a daughter together Marlene (Finn Atkins), and Jimmy wants to win her back and start afresh, but Shirley and Marlene won't give in. Jimmy has support from old friend and country & western singer Charlie (Ricky Tomlinson), however some of Jimmy's associates from Glasgow turn up in Nottingham. It has good intentions, referencing westerns, down to the music and camera angles. But, it's a bit too polished by Meadows standards, he would return to grittier fare with Dead Man's Shoes (2004) and This is England (2006). As an experiment, it has varying effects, but Meadows was still finding his feet at the time.

Yuping L (it) wrote: haven't seen "divided we fall" yet... but i always prefer multiple storyline

Tino R (it) wrote: I was expecting this to be a comedy; but this movie was so much more. It starts off a bit quirky, but when the movie progresses it becomes quite serious and by the end you'll be so invested in the story the time will pass by. This was a great movie that's depressingly forgotten. This is Jake Kasdan's first movie and he's made a well written and well made movie, that's really cool because he's known more for just directing comedies now. This may be my favorite performance by Bill Pullman, he does a great job in this as well as Ben Stiller as he's playing a straight-forward character. And the most charming part of this movie is that most of this movie is set in my home city Portland, Oregon, so it was tight seeing P-Town depicted as a bright and sunny city, most movies set here will only show how rainy and cloudy it is hahah.

Scott W (ag) wrote: Perfectly ok for a late night watch. It's a bit daft like the previous entries, but keeps to the continuity well. Look out for little Leonardo DiCaprio in what must be one of his earliest performances.

Matt R (ag) wrote: excellent movie detailing a road trip between three brothers, one a hoodlum played by Dempsey, the other I believe is in the air force and the third , a very down to earth hates conflict type of a guy blinded by the love he has of his girlfriend. The father is great in this movie as well as the uncle. This is a definite classic! If yu have siblings, you would especially enjoy !

Jonathan C (it) wrote: It might be kinda cool if I were a kid. But mostly it had "ridiculous" repeating in my head

Bloodbath B (es) wrote: One of the best slasher movies in recent years. Brutally violent. Unexpected twists. It's everything you want in a slasher movie.

Phil S (jp) wrote: one of the all time most entertaining train wrecks

MF J (it) wrote: Maybe the funniest film of 1997 this film adaptation of the famous tv series of the hilarious Mr. Bean is very funny & as usual silly but the talent of Rowan Atkinson makes everything more enjoyable.

Kara F (us) wrote: This concept was really interesting. I really enjoyed this movie!

Kurtiss K (it) wrote: This is a terrible film.

Matt H (br) wrote: Terrible mob satire. Everyone in this movie is also horribly miscast.

Frank F (ru) wrote: Pretty boring movie. A bottle of Sominex whould be cheaper. It would be a bargain if it was in the free movie section on demand.