The Disappearance Of Lenka Wood

The Disappearance Of Lenka Wood

A woman is kidnapped on her honeymoon and her ex-soldier husband endeavors to free her. A kidnap thriller set in New York and Turkey.

Dexter is a ex-soldier. He is on holiday with his newly married wife. He accidentally encounter with a group of gangsters. At night, they break into his house and kipnap Dexter’s wife. Dexter is determined to rescue his wife and plans to revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eugene F (kr) wrote: A delightful genre cocktail (The Snapper meets Shaun of the Dead meets Val Lewton meets...) perfectly balancing moments of gut-wrenching laughter and gut-eating horror. Its depiction of a Dublin working-class family and a community riven by zombie plague effortlessly combines social analysis (tensions between family-community, omnivore vs. carnivore, abortion, medical research, the Catholic church, etc.) and an intelligent approach to genre bending. The gorgeous cinematography, top-notch acting, compact editing and masterful sound design belie the movie's indie credentials. It's totally enjoyable, engrossing, immersing you in a squalid Dublin working class netherworld infected with a communal bloodlust relieved only by ordinary human emotions. See this one. Zombie-movie aficionados will love its stomach-heaving set pieces; lovers of disturbing, psychological horror will appreciate its subtle night-terrors. Bailey offers you a plate of meat if that's what you require...but with a nice salad on the side. This and Terry McMahon's equally-impressive Charlie Casanova make a strong case for an Independent Irish cinema.

Christopher C (nl) wrote: The narrative is pretty bad. The overall story is choppy with fight scenes to fill gaps in the story. The fighting doesn't really fit into the real life situation. The fighting seems to fit in the philosophical situation. The fighting is pretty good but nothing new in terms of the moves. The acting is pretty bad. Not really a kung fu movie of the present.

Daniel V (ca) wrote: I gave this movie a C

Eliabeth H (fr) wrote: this was a cute movie

Nolan M (gb) wrote: I think it was too late for this piece of crap sequel. Sharon Stone your career is over...

G Richard B (br) wrote: In Idiocracy, a man with relatively superior intellect was able to save humanity, but only after he learned that everybody possesses an innate need to contribute intellectually, and that if we do not let them contribute to creation, they will turn to the easier job of destruction.

rhiannon p (de) wrote: im not sure what to make of this film. it lacked on some bits, but alot of i think sme can relate to, could have had more to the story. but this is kind of a good movie to start out with in the acting industry i guess

Tim G (ag) wrote: I did like ice castles lynn holly johnsons performance of a figure skater who goes blind after performing a careless stunt but redeems herself in the end .tom skerritt ,colleen dewhurst and rob benson also give good performances as well

Robert M (jp) wrote: A pretty decent movie with the classic special effects by Harryhausen.

0 0 (us) wrote: This is my all time favorites

Scott G (jp) wrote: Enjoyable 2008 incarnation of the classic Buchan novel popularized by Hitchcock. Production has the BBC/PBS values similar to that of Downton Abbey. Worth the space on your DVR.

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Dave K (au) wrote: blair witch meets poltergiest. original idea full of shit flying all over the place. popcorn flying all over the cinema but im just not the biggest fan of horrors7/10

Waheed A (ag) wrote: Really liked the female lead character and how it was portrayed..

Four Star F (ag) wrote: Starring James Cagney and an array of others, the film tells the real life story of writer, singer, and dancer George M. Cohan. The story begins with an older Cohan recounting his life story. He began his career with his family in Vaudeville. Slowly he made a name for himself in Broadway and married his love. He and his partner kept making musicals and then the Cohans reunited for one last show. Eventually everyone in the family settled down before they died. The only one left was George who was living with his wife. In his final performance, Cohan gets the country to rally around the flag again as he has done his whole life. This movie has many commendable moments but there is an apparent conflict between biography and musical. Cagney for his part gives a stellar performance as the energetic and ambitious Cohan. The film also doubled as a nice piece of propaganda during World War II.