The Discarnates

The Discarnates

Harada is a successful scenario writer, and his best buddy has just announced an intention to propose to Harada's ex-wife. Recovering from the shock, Harada indulges in melancholy, mainly on his failure as a husband and father, and goes to a 'Rakugo' (sit-down comedy) show, where a friendly man in the audience invites him home. Harada is puzzled at the strong resemblance of this man and his wife to his own parents, who were killed nearly 30 years ago when he was twelve.

Harada is a successful scenario writer, and his best buddy has just announced an intention to propose to Harada's ex-wife. Recovering from the shock, Harada indulges in melancholy, mainly ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben N (gb) wrote: WOW see this movie!!!!!

Claudette G (ag) wrote: I thought it was a great kids movie. I actually enjoyed it and I'm 19 :P

Allan C (br) wrote: There is some sort of revenge plot about the hero's mom being killer to this video game film adaptation, but it's really just an excuse for a series of one-on-one fight scenes in an MMA type of arena, which is really the extent of the video game (although the settings in the video game were actually much more interesting). The film was directed by Dwight H. Little, who for a long time I'd said did the best American approximation of a Hong Kong style of martial arts film (that is until John Woo came to the US and the Wachowski's broke onto the scene with "The Matrix"). There's not a lot of recommend about this film other than a series of fights are of only low to moderate interest. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa plays the grand old man of Tekken, but that's not enough to make this film worth watching.

Muffy W (ca) wrote: It's cute and a good happy film. The tattoo in the end - not so impressive in my book

Lilo C (br) wrote: Not a typical Western Movie, but great. Great acting though there was a lack in the plot. Watchable I say.

Bloodmarsh K (mx) wrote: It's loud, has a ton of action, recycled dialogue, and also includes the highly original hooker scene. Okay, so there isn't a single damn thing original about 'Hamburger Hill,' but it does a nice job keeping you entertained, and also does a nice job killing off its highly annoying characters. If you only have time for one war movie, you can find better.

Stacy S (us) wrote: For what this story was, I think that Goldie Hawn was an excellent choice. She really owned this role. As for the story in general, it could have been better.

Russell H (us) wrote: Not too bad. The underground, volcano lair and the scar-faced bad guy bring me back, again, to Austin Powers. Loved the raggedy helicopter scene.

Peter M (br) wrote: so fuckin real and hard hittin everybody should see this movie....

jay n (ca) wrote: Superior filming of great R&H musical with Shirley Jones and Gordon MacRae ideally cast in the leads. They share a great chemistry but even better their voices blend beautifully together on the top notch score. Gloria Grahame was considered miscast at the time as Ado Annie due to her supremacy as a film noir fixture but she is charmingly coquettish and addlepated. However she was apparently a terror to work with on the picture engendering the animosity of cast and crew and damaging her reputation and career which never fully recovered. Eddie Albert and Charlotte Greenwood provide nice bits of humor as Ali Hakim and Aunt Eller with Rod Steiger is a terrifically dark and menacing Jud Fry. Highly stylized this has gorgeous production and costume design all filmed in widescreen Todd-AO and Technicolor, a fantastic entertainment of the type that Hollywood has forgotten how to make.

Sean N (au) wrote: There was a gang rape but no gore? what the hell kind of movie is this?

Zack B (ag) wrote: Highly underrated western flick that may be one of the best Charles Bronson westerns with him as the first billing. Enjoyable film that also works as somewhat of a mystery. Nice supporting job by career supporting actor Ben Johnson.

Alex E (us) wrote: Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story may be a total farce in some regards to the legend's life, but I would be lying if I didn't say it was entertaining.Jason Scott Lee (in no relation to Bruce) truly shines as Bruce Lee. While he might be physically bigger, you immediately forget any differences, and truly believe he is Bruce Lee. He also has great chemistry with Lauren Holly, who plays Linda Lee Cadwell (Bruce's widow).Yes, there are many inaccuracies in this film, and yes, the whole subplot of Lee being haunted by a demon seems rather silly when reading it on paper (though I perfectly understand the meaning behind it), but the plot moves along nicely, and demonstrates Lee's message well.The film also has some great fight scenes, and lush cinematography, plus one of the best film scores I have heard from a film of the 90s.Whether you love this movie or not, you have to admit, it does Bruce Lee justice a lot better than the travesty known as Birth of the Dragon.

Jason T (es) wrote: Typical low budget horror. No scares, dull kills, and bad acting. Robert Englund is spooky and fun to watch but the plot is so familiar for those who saw Val Kilmers The Traveler.

Marcus W (ag) wrote: A top cast, a great director, and a classic story. It was never going to be not great.