The Disco Exorcist

The Disco Exorcist

Suave swinger and womanizer Rex Romanski loves and leaves evil black magic priestess Rita Marie. Naturally, Rex incurs Rita's lethal wrath by spurning her. Can Rex figure out a way to stop Rita's subsequent rampage of revenge, murder, and destruction as well as reclaim the soul of his new porn starlet gal Amoreena Jones before it's too late?

Suave swinger and womanizer Rex Romanski loves and leaves evil black magic priestess Rita Marie. Naturally, Rex incurs Rita's lethal wrath by spurning her. Can Rex figure out a way to stop ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew G (kr) wrote: I liked this made for TV film. I thought it was nice for it to show us Thor in his teen years going on his first adventure. The animation, lighting and shading are so wonderful and effective, plus the story is a real good one. The action sequences are great, and it's just one fun movie altogether.

Silvia F (ru) wrote: Ice Age: Continental Drift has plenty of flaws, but it's host of loveable characters, excellent animation and funny humor make sure it's still a decent film.Grade: B-

Charlie J (nl) wrote: CONS: The ending was unsatisfying and left us wanting more, which is typically a good tactic for the production of a sequel. However, the plot left no room for a sequel and the film was a flop, so here I sit, unsatisfied.PROS: Lots of dark humor and offensive jokes throughout the movie. The plotline was well thought out, and was executed fairly well. Largest pro of the whole movie was getting to see Matthew Broderick on MDMA. ?????

Oli H (us) wrote: Was turning out to be interesting, a little slow maybe. But..... the abrupt ending was kind of disappointing.

Warda P (de) wrote: for all the fans out there

Jason B (mx) wrote: Nice action film, with a somewhat interesting story line, but the portion of the movie i liked the most were the action sequences.

Chris S (it) wrote: Quirky, interesting, and good music too. Somewhat over the top in areas but otherwise a very enjoyable film.

MF J (br) wrote: This first directed film by Penn is an interesting story about family, love & brotherhood. Why one son is born good & caring, why the other is carrying so much hate & fear? Slow but interesting, raw &uncompromising, this film ask some pretty heavy questions & doesn' tgive into easyness.... you have to be patient, go through & hop on the ride into Penn's world. One of the strong aspect is the honesty with wich each characters is playing his part. A good film that deserves a viewing.

burneggroll b (mx) wrote: TELEVISION AIR DATE: Feb 7, 1988 (Part 1) ON VHS: Oct 6, 1997 Not shown in theaters, not released on DVD

Dave J (au) wrote: Thursday, January 13, 2011 (1986) Sword of Gideon THRILLER/DRAMA True story based on an actual book called "Vengeance" written by George Jonas about retribution for the 1972 Olympic massacre on several Isralian atheletes! Some high official Israli gov't then form a group of people on their own to eliminate suspected terrorists connected to that Olympic incident! HBO tv movie, although well made with some well written dialogue is quite a depressing experience even if it's based on fact and the dialogue has some restraints! This was also the base for director Steven Spielberg to redo this film again starring Danial Craig called "Munich" ! 2 out of 4

Orlando L (de) wrote: Need a reason to believe in Queer Cinema again? Watch and learn.

Stuart K (gb) wrote: After the success of Coffy (1973), writer/director Jack Hill and star Pam Grier was asked to do a follow-up, but Hill didn't want to do a sequel (or rather American International weren't that interested), but he did something similiar with a different character, it still works though and it has some good moments of action and bloody violence. After her cop boyfriend Dalton (Terry Carter) is brutally murdered, Foxy Brown (Grier) goes around Los Angeles seeking revenge, and she soon links it with a crime syndicate ran by Steve Elias (Peter Brown) and Miss Katherine (Kathryn Loder). In order to get close to Elias and Katherine, Foxy decides to go undercover as a prostitute in the crime racket to try and take them down. Plus there's also the problem of her drug-dealing brother Link (Antonio Fargas), who she's trying to reform, but he's managing to get Foxy into more trouble than they realise. It's not long before the games up and Foxy is taken captive by the gang when they discover who she is, but Foxy isn't going to give in so easily, and escapes in an orgy of blood and fire. It's more of the same than before, it starts off good, sags in the middle before there's a sort of acceptable finale. Shame really, as the trailer for this is better than the actual film. Grier is more stylish this time out, and it's good to see a pre-Starsky and Hutch Fargas too.

Sarah N (de) wrote: I barely remember watching this...

James J (ru) wrote: Cabin in the Sky was the first musical film to feature a cast of all African Americans. It was also Vincente Minelli's directorial debut. The film is a musical take on Faust centered around the well-meaning but morally frail Lil' Joe. The movie is mostly a religious moral tale. It has an interesting depiction of spiritual conscience, with memorable performances by the powerful Kenneth Spencer as a general of God's army and Rex Ingram as Lucifer Jr. There's also a fantastic trumpet player in Lucifer Jr.'s crowd played by none other than Louis Armstrong. Most of the songs are sung by Ethel Waters, who also came from the broadway production. She has a powerful voice, but her songs are invariably slow and sappy, which is really my least favorite kind of music. Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson plays Lil Joe, but he was not originally from the broadway production, something you probably could have guessed the second you heard him start singing "Life Is Full of Consequence". The movie is a solid production. There's a surprising number of moving camera shots considering the film's age, and it makes sure to include a lot of different dance styles, from jazz to tap, as most good musicals do. The film's even got some spots of humor that still were effective today, something that I find rare. The movie gets a little dull during its run, but it's an entertaining and historical film that is worth a watch to anyone who can enjoy classics and musicals. Final rating: 7/10 --James A. Janisse

John B (us) wrote: I probably would have enjoyed it more had I seen a cleaner copy. Unfortunatley I don't think that this film was ever restored.

Jaime R (kr) wrote: One of the very worst movies I have known.

Kyle F (au) wrote: One of the best films everFinally, a film that portrays teenagers as they are

Troy F (kr) wrote: Maximum Overdrive has a wildy bizarre concept and the opening is amazingly hilarious, but makes a big build-up that the rest of the film doesn't live up to. The beginning escalated this whole idea of machines running on their own and killing people to a exciting degree, and then stopped to a halt and decided to stay at a truck stop for the 3/4 of the film. I think it's still fairly enjoyable at just how there's this conflict of what's intended to be silly and taken seriously, especially because Stephen King's story usually don't intend to be awfully comical like this film ended up being, and watching this with friends is best for enjoying its crazy dialogue and ludicrous action. It disappoints for not living up to what it could've been, but I recommend it as a fairly amusing bad movie.

Marko Z (ru) wrote: A fairly enjoyable Brit-flick with an outstanding cast.

Tanner B (jp) wrote: -IGNORE THIS "OUT OF FIVE" RATING3/4Likable Sci-fi entry has the Enterprise crew combat a nemesis from an earlier adventure from the original series. Fast-paced and entertaining, if slightly hokey and pretentious at times. Fans go nuts over this one, and for good reason.