The Discovery of Heaven

The Discovery of Heaven

Disappointed with humanity, God wants to revoke his contract with humanity and wants to take back the stone tablets containing the ten commandments. To this end an angel is sent out to affect the personal lives of three humans so an appropriate child may be conceived.

God is disappointed with the human race and wants his stone tablets back. An angel is given the assignment and, with Gabriëls help, tries to manipulate several humans on earth to get his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carole T (ru) wrote: Wow...what an absolutely fascinating will never believe this story could actually be true; the way humans behave sometimes just makes me sick...absolutely heartbreaking

Shawnee 0 (kr) wrote: Fro a b-movie this flick is increasingly well cast and very enjoyable. Bruce Campbell was as charming and sexy as ever.

Zeeshan M (kr) wrote: Laurent Lucas is totty. The film however is not. Pretty engaging and stylish first half that disappointingly dissolves into a ghost possession story. A waste of excellent performances.

Tom H (gb) wrote: Here is a contender for the worst crap of a film ever made. When watching it you cannot help feeling they made it this bad on purpose. But watch it with a friend, because it is fun to make fun of. and i give it a whole star just for that.

Hannah D (nl) wrote: As you might imagine, a film based around gardening is never going to be categorised as a thriller. Nevertheless, it had a good cast with Clive Owen and Helen Mirren, so it was quite enjoyable, although it got a bit tedious towards the end.

Elise C (ru) wrote: This was a lot of fun to watch and funny. A little silly at times, but I love movies like this.

Luke V (nl) wrote: Choreography is top notch here with good music and a decent story. If you like it 42nd Street is more of the same. Fountain scene alone is worth it.

Parker R (br) wrote: Tatum and Howard make for a pair of cunning leads, but the script is too heavily reliant on cliches from previous underdog films to spark any true amounts of momentum it may attain.

Maricris M (gb) wrote: Definitely makes you think! Just crazy!

Bronson W (ru) wrote: "Trick or Treat" is probably one of the most violent and mean-spirited horror movies of 1986. And in my opinion, this movie is based on gothic and horror imagery. Eddie Weinbauer who is played by Marc Price is the main protagonist of this movie. Sammi Curr who is played by Tony Fields is the main antagonist of this movie, even though he is Eddie's hero, but he's dead and he wants to kill everyone. Tim Hainey who is played by Doug Savant is the second antagonist of this movie because he's the popular high school bully who is responsible for much of Eddie's angst.

Deborah W (it) wrote: I wanted to like this movie and although I did laugh, they were empty feeling laughs at empty feeling, unlikable characters with often bad dialogue. This movie was unnecessarily long and Amy's end days conversion to a decent human being was completely unbelievable considering she showed barely a thread of decency or dissatisfaction with her life until her sudden, inexplicable change of heart. Also inexplicable is why the character of Aaron would even consider believing her change of heart and taking her back. I fault myself for sitting through this whole unholy mess.