Early summer of 1953, in the weeks leading up to the Armistice, North and South Korea were engaged in fierce battle as they alternately pushed forward and were pushed back again. After the Armistice is signed, two children who were caught in the back-and-forth shifting of the front line find themselves abandoned in the demilitarized zone (DMZ). The children a boy and a girl survive by picking up discarded military rations and roasting wild potatoes. They wander the DMZ and have various experiences, like the time a land mine they use as a rock explodes and they run away in terror. As they roam the no man's land separating North and South, they encounter a North Korean spy on his way back across the border. The boy is killed, and the girl travels south in search of her mother.

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The DMZ torrent reviews

Shantel D (ru) wrote: There are a couple funny parts, but it's mostly just boring.

Samantha S (de) wrote: Super loved this film though I'm still not in the mood to watch a romantic film. Then again, this is not the typical love story after all. It's kind of about life and parallel worlds lol... That didn't make sense haha :D

Christina B (gb) wrote: one of the worst horror movies I have ever seen.

Kingsley M (ca) wrote: Spine chilling Oz made thriller that'll keep you guessing 'till the end.

Adrianne P (mx) wrote: As a Christian, this is the most disgusting documentary I have ever watched. In the first 10 minutes you watch as a "christian pastor" shames children, tells them they are dirty and instructs them to wash their hands to be cleanse. She does not teach these children the gospel, grace or the fact that they are loved and adore by God. They do not need to wash their hands to be clean, they need to ask Jesus for forgiveness, receive it and know that they are not perfect, never will be and that's why they have Jesus. Do not watch this, do not show you kids. This made me cry watching those poor children being told they were hypocrites and be shame. There is NO SHAME in Christ Jesus!

Ruben J (de) wrote: Interminableeeeeeeeeeeee, y eso que solo dura una hora. Es tan intensa, tan aterradoram, te pones tan nervioso, ay su MA!!!

Kenneth R (gb) wrote: Not a bad movie to catch on the TV if your at home with nothing to really do, but to actually go and look for it though? Not worth the effort really =/

Samuel R (ag) wrote: Not just your typical martial arts movie, contains romance, a good intrigue and stunning original fighting scenes

Nelson P (kr) wrote: Basically the worst movie I have ever seen. It fails on almost all levels of filmaking. The reason it gets 3 stars is that aside form being horrible its laugh out loud funny. Having a cast full of Checkoslovakian actors that were pretending to be American just adds to the list of laugh-out-loud elements. The biggest star of the movie is Martin Sheen's half Native American brother Joe Estevez as the only man who believes in werewolves but is unwilling to help anyone else defeat the creature. The funniest part was watching a Werowlf drive a car in full transformation wearing loa shirt.

Paul S (mx) wrote: Impressive debut considering the budget. Gritty and underground revenge flick from the director of The Manson Family.

James H (au) wrote: This Japanese sci-fi film is laughably bad. The same three directors and cast in Atomic Rulers of the World, as well as some of the same footage. Relentlessly silly, dreadful special effects and the ultra cheap production is way too clearly evident.

Rick Q (it) wrote: kirk douglas and walter mathau are both phenomenal actors who give good performances in "lonely are the brave", but i would have liked it much better if they had some scenes together. the film definitely would have needed to be tweaked a lot for that to happen, but that wouldn't have been a bad thing, as a huge chunk of the film was nothing more than douglas trying to get up a mountain.

Kevin R (us) wrote: 9.8/10 - The most violent and dark of the series. Roddy McDowall takes center stage as he plays the brutal, revolutionary, Caesar this time around. Taking place in modern America with humans now having apes as slaves, the movie assaults you with images that are disturbing, frightening. Showing acts of humans displaying severe cruelty that creates a sense of misanthropy within the audience. Growing tired of the servant and slave act, Caesar and his apes form a merciless uprising. This is the original "Rise." Combined with McDowall's tour de force performance as Caesar, Tom Scott's soundtrack, and the film's moody atmosphere, it's my personal favorite.

Spencer P (us) wrote: Brooding and majestic, this historical drama is effectively mysterious, tragic, and convincing, if unnecessarily slow.

Omar Q (jp) wrote: How could a Star Trek movie be this terrible, I can't believe what I saw, I nearly changed the Chanel on tv this dissapointed so much