The Dog Pound

The Dog Pound

David, has just failed his university examinations and has one year to re-write them. Ruben, his father, a pragmatic and successful businessman, has been paying for David's education, the pursuit of which he considers a waste of time. Ruben wants David to work and make himself useful and he strikes a deal with him: David can stay and study for his exams at Ruben's house in La Perrera, a coastal resort town, while he builds a house for himself. And so, a year-long adventure starts for David, an urban intellectual, in the isolated La Perrera and among its off-season residents who include nearly as many dogs as men, where the only women are either pregnant or prostitutes, and where no one wants to work and things are done out of friendship more than anything else.

David, has just failed his university examinations and has one year to re-write them. Ruben, his father, a pragmatic and successful businessman, has been paying for David's education, the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason K (fr) wrote: Awesome, my only complaint is that he didn't get the chance to share tips and tricks. nicest guy it seemed thought. kudoos

Kristy L (it) wrote: Haven't cried this much watching a movie since Titanic....

Faisal F (ca) wrote: Pantesan film ini sempat mendapat protes keras dari Pemerintah Indonesia

Michael A (fr) wrote: "nobody never has not fun bowling"?

Ibrahim M (ru) wrote: wake is a far-fetched thriller set against the backdrop of a phenomenon called anesthesia awarness. I didn't care for the casting much: Jessica Alba as the sexy schemer, Terrence Howard as the sympathetic friend yet murderer, and Hayden Christensen as Clay Beresford, the young, rich lead. He's tedious and uninteresting, and I never bought off on him at all.

kim k (kr) wrote: This is quite a difficult film to review. First and foremost, let me say that I enjoyed it immensley. It's rare these days to find a film with a satisfying ending - one which, although you see it coming, you happily watch it correlate with your expectations as it unfolds. The contrast between an artistic youth spent in Paris and a family life in suburbia just treads the line between intriguing drama and clich. My knowledge of the film only covers watching the final piece but it seems somewhat autobiographical with insights that could only have come from experience and that is a very enjoyable thing to see. Christian Bale plays his part wonderfully. The trick being to emote whats necessary to make us care but not saturate the screen with squishy emotion every 5 minutes. A quaint little film specific to time and place but very refreshing in an age of Hollywood Blockbuster domination.

Juli N (es) wrote: It's all about the bleak atmospheric tone of the film and the stunning visuals!

Scott C (de) wrote: Super forgettable. Can't believe I actually saw this in the theatre.

Russ B (mx) wrote: 8/4/2016: A very good cast, some good special effects, and an interesting idea, but with all that it was just an ok movie. Pretty disappointing considering the possibilities.

Peter A (gb) wrote: I'm divided about The Conspirator. It's not a bad movie by any means, but I'm not about to rush out and own the DVD. I wasn't that in love with it. I'm not big into courtroom dramas anyway, so that probably influenced my approach to the film.But the acting's good. I liked James McAvoy's character. Kevin Kline strayed out of his element and performed Edwin Stanton admirably. Robin Wright was also pretty good, but wooden, bland, nearly expresionless performances are par for the course for her.Overall, I'd describe the movie as stuffy. It aims so righteously to be historically accurate and serious that it forgets to also be entertaining. Being accurate is admirable, I respect that. It's just too bad some of the entertainment is sacrificed. At least they didn't give The Conspirator a Hollywood ending and totally change the story, something like, oh...say The Natural.This is a decent movie. Well-made and well-acted. It just plays out so solemnly, and with the old cliche of a crusading lawyer willing to sacrifice everything in order to uphold justice and save his client, even as the other side plays fast-and-loose with the law. It's not a movie I'll be in a hurry to watch again soon.

Carlos R (kr) wrote: Please stop. Just stop. Please.

vieras e (de) wrote: **+Better than what the first five minutes would lead you to believe, if you can get past the annoyingness of some of the characters.

Benot R (au) wrote: Le film s'ouvre sur une superbe s (C)quence de chasse au rhinoc (C)ros un peu particulire puisque ces "chasseurs" tentent tout simplement de le capturer. C'est surtout l'occasion pour Hawks d'affirmer son incroyable maitrise de la mise en scne. Plusieurs s (C)quences sont d'ailleurs d'un trs trs haut niveau en plus d'un montage rythm (C), faisant passer les 2h30 assez rapidement en fin de compte. La force de Hawks, c'est aussi de nous montrer un groupe de personnalit (C)s totalement diff (C)rentes qui ont l'air de se conna (R)tre depuis des ann (C)es. Toutes leurs actions semblent naturelles. Enfin, il faut avouer que l'humour et le second degr (C) sont constamment au rendez-vous, proposant l aussi des moments d'anthologie (notamment lorsque la photographe se retrouve pour la premire fois dans le lit de Sean et s'ensuit une kyrielle de situations cocasses). Le seul b (C)mol r (C)side pour moi dans la volont (C) d'avoir fait un tout petit peu trop long en fin de compte et que l'oeuvre alterne en permanence moments d'aventures et moments de drague ou de second degr (C), souvent de manire distincte. Ca fonctionne comme, j'en mets plein les yeux, je fais souffler mon public. La formule pourrait tre parfaite dans un laps de temps un peu moins long. Mais c'est vraiment rien du tout en comparaison de la trs grande qualit (C) de cette oeuvre. On notera aussi que les acteurs semblent avoir pris (C)norm (C)ment de plaisir jouer dans ce film, avec un John Wayne toujours aussi charismatique et d'excellents seconds rles, notamment Hardy Kr 1/4ger ou Elsa Martinelli.

Kirk B (br) wrote: Surprisingly just OK. Definitely leaned more towards the dumb comedy side of things which just isn't our thing. Even with that there was some funny stuff in this movie.