The Dog Trick

The Dog Trick

A shy but very romantic young man tries to meet a girl by walking a borrowed dog. The trick works unbelievably well. They fall in love.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:106 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:student,   tennis,   dog,  

A shy but very romantic young man tries to meet a girl by walking a borrowed dog. The trick works unbelievably well. They fall in love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon S (gb) wrote: The worst found footage movie ever! How did this even get made. I was disgusted by not only the indescribably bad acting but also the unnecessary sexual content and mediocre directing. The worst movie since "Starship Troopers", maybe even worse than that. I can't believe that I put my eyes through that unbelievable pain.

Rebecca S (mx) wrote: This is a thoughtful film which cuts to the core of human self interest and examines the challenges of putting values of justice into practise. A voice for the voiceless.

Jason D (ca) wrote: D4 begins with the mysterious ex-military mercenary Sloan (Eric Berner) being contracted by an equally mysterious, wealthy doctor to perform a search and rescue mission for her kidnapped son. Sloan enlists a special team of fellow mercenaries, consisting of Snipe (Jaimee Gray Simon), Brocker (Clay Brocker), Cutter (Jeff Hime), and Smoke (Darrin Dickerson, who also wrote, edited, and directed D4), to go deep in the woods to the infamous abandoned government facility known as D4. The team breaks in; little knowing what resides behind the heavily electrified fences. With that, a thought-to-be quick search and rescue mission becomes a hellish nightmare as the team fights for their lives against a brutish beast of a man that is completely unstoppable.On paper, D4 sounds like yet another one of those Predator-inspired sci-fi yarns where man must fight beast in the wilds of nature, when in fact D4 offers something wholly different in the form of a subplot involving epilepsy, a theme which inspired Dickerson (whose own son suffers from this condition) to make D4. The subplot has desperate grandfather Dalton (Ted LeGarde, who does a commendable job with this role I must say) frantically trying to help his epileptic grandson find medication through a specialist. The specialist?s experimental drugs only worsen the grandson?s condition until they take the child away, leaving Dalton to look like a confused madman. His story soon connects with the initial plot as he joins the mercenaries in his own search and rescue mission, that is, until the beast arrives.D4 is by no means something spectacular. It?s visibly low-budgeted with iffy effects and filled with a lot of local and first time actors. Along with a couple of speed bumps in the film?s flowing story line, one would imagine that D4 is yet another strain in the ever growing melee of low budget films. Though the effects are a bit off, very little were used throughout the film, especially with our lead ?monster? who implores pure brute looks and force to give off its terror. There?s also a lack of nudity and very little blood, which shows that creator Dickerson is definitely trying to do something different from the usual barrage of ?tits and gore? horror/sci-fi that most people try to sell and/or watch. Truth be told, D4 packs a hell of an engaging story that makes it very unique and such an interesting watch, despite its flaws. To the credit of the actors, especially Dickerson, this eclectic group approaches the film very seriously and works hard towards keeping that serious tone, thus eliminating any threat of unintentional humor. The humor that IS used is very sparse and properly used throughout the film as it?s sprinkled in very minimally so as to not deviate from the initial mood of the film. Overall, I say kudos to Dickerson and company. D4 manages to be the little underdog film that could thanks in part to a fantastic story, which was heavily influenced by Dickerson?s own personal emotions and drive.In the midst of recycled stories (remakes, reboots, reimagining?s come to mind) and already tiresome fads (3D anyone?), it?s clear that Hollywood has scrapped originality for sure-fire wins in hopes of not financially drowning in the midst of dipshit illegal piraters and a bad economy. As an unfortunately growing result, people are being dumbed down at an incredible rate as they get swept up in the recycled stories with flashy colors and mouth-salivating eye candy. With that, I cannot help but immerse myself in the independent world, where true art and creativity lies. Darrin Dickerson?s D4 is in fact a creative and neatly written story. It takes a pretty standard story, mixes it with a more unique side story, and even manages to throw in a couple of twists and turns along the way, all with a small budget, very few effects, little known actors and actresses, and a whole lotta heart. It may not be a ?fun? night out at the Nightmare on Elm Street remake with your idiot friends, but it?s a ?good? watch, and I?d much rather prefer good over fun.

Ally M (us) wrote: odd movie so many times that i almost just turned it off

Rachel K (gb) wrote: It's not that great a movie, but I can always watch it and be happily content.

Scott C (mx) wrote: Wasn't that impressed.

Aaron L (es) wrote: found this an enjoyable escape almost slapstick stylee movie. less budget and more enjoyable than over budget mis-hits from the world of Holly woo!!

Tonio B (fr) wrote: Definately an old school movie fit for Spike Movie channel. I love it!

Carole S (it) wrote: Meryl is wonderful --let me get that out of the way. But the movie is boring and sort of pointless. Jack is a cad (but of course) . So? Glad Nora moved past this.

Frankie Pockets (jp) wrote: the only movie that ever made the lump in my throat swell and made tears come down my cheek. The last few sentences of dialoge uttered in this movie nearly broke me down. phenomenal movie!!

Gerry R (au) wrote: My favourite musical after West side Story and Oliver. Full of classic song and charming performances by the two leads backed up by a fine cast of British character actors. I have seen it several times on the stage and and the film is equally as good. It's a shame Audrey was not allowed to sing - the dvd contains a test of her voice and she can hold a note.

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Orlok W (fr) wrote: Creepy psychological thriller--The Mysterious And Elusive Bunny Lake!!

Mike W (jp) wrote: The Rock plays an awesome sheriff!