The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer

The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer

The amazing story of Daniel, a dolphin who abandons the safety of his pod to explore the ocean and discover the true purpose of his life.

The amazing story of Daniel, a dolphin who abandons the safety of his pod to explore the ocean and discover the true purpose of his life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gretchen W (ca) wrote: It didn't make a bit of dam sense!

Paul C (ca) wrote: What the? A camera on the mic for two whole songs?

Wayde B (us) wrote: Interesting and thought provoking look at the capitalistic, consumer focused transformation of higher education

Steven L (gb) wrote: Director Eran Riklis set the bar high with his two previous films, "Lemon Tree" and "The Syrian Bride". In this film, he again tries to find the commonalities between different cultures by focusing on individuals and their personal struggles. He may have stretched too far, because the story doesn't always feel like it's on sound footing. But the underlying motivations and emotions of the main character, especially as they evolve, keep the story going. Some may call the story slow-moving; I call it unfolding.

Laurie C (mx) wrote: Kinda fun to see Dave Matthews playing a bad guy. He's got the evil-eye goin' on. Other than that the movie was predictable.

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Andy S (ag) wrote: I've been slowly making my way through this series, which never fails to make me feel good about life.

Pranav N (au) wrote: An indian gangsta flick.One of RGV's best.expecting more such films from him.

Emily J (ru) wrote: This was the best movie ever!!!!

Mark B (mx) wrote: Very first gay movie that I saw, had a huge impact on me in so many ways. Harvey is a personal hero of mine for always speaking his truth long before it was ok to do so.

Elric K (ca) wrote: Brilliant and messy film just like the lives it depicts! The hide and seek from love is played out between a brother and sister who can only help each other. Wonderful !!

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