The Doorway

The Doorway

Four young college students agree to fix up an abandoned home for rent, only to discover the demons within and an open doorway... to Hell.

An easy paying job turns into a fight to the death, when college students realize that the house they're cleaning is a portal to Hell. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Franois M (us) wrote: Wilson et Luchini, parfaits dans ce film de Philippe Le Guay.Un film sur les amitis nouvelles, celles impossible et la solitude.Et du coup, une envie folle de visiter l'le de R...

Glorimar S (gb) wrote: It was ok... Love it when they dressed up like drag... LOL!!! And the small boy so funny!!! It was ok to be a PR movie...

Ali K (gb) wrote: I was so unimpressed that I don't even want to know how untrue that may be!

Johnny B (kr) wrote: The believability of the characters in films like these is always non-existent, which in turn, destroys the film. Maybe if I had gone to a "more conventional" high-school or something?

Andrew L (de) wrote: After finally seeing it I still wonder what all the fuss is about. The acting is adequate yet nothing special (thankfully recognized by the Oscars). In fact, McAvoy gives a stronger performance than in 'Last King of Scotland'. The story & narrative fails to live up to the films visual beauty & brilliant camera play, yet despite this there are often moments where you feel the director is being too clever for his own good - particularly with the long unedited shot on the beach when the troops are waiting to return home. A dynamic piece of film-making such as that scene should have been used in a movie focussing on the toils of war, not one that uses it as a background to only part of it's story.


Heavenly B (jp) wrote: I didn't like this film when I first saw it - it bears repeated viewing., At first, I thought the characters horrid and vapid - and I suppose that was the point, but as I got to "know" them, I found that they were real people, with heart., Well. Most of them!, For example, at first I thought Ginger (Eddie) Littlejohn was an unmitigated cad, but on repeated viewing it seems that Adam is, in a way, worse, and he even admits it.The costumes and settings are lovely and there are some real laugh-out-loud moments, as well as poignancy.

Adam R (mx) wrote: (First and only viewing - 4/19/2013)

Sam S (kr) wrote: Kirk Douglas is great as always, could have been better though.

Sandy C (de) wrote: Kristen and Bill are wonderful! This is a great movie. Addresses real life feelings and difficult situations.