The Doublecross

The Doublecross

Easy-paced, semi-comedic story based on actual events, "the first American-style post office robbery in Finland". In the mid-1950s, a gangster quartet led by Hilarius Ruokonen splits up and...

Easy-paced, semi-comedic story based on actual events, "the first American-style post office robbery in Finland". In the mid-1950s, a gangster quartet led by Hilarius Ruokonen splits up and... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean D (mx) wrote: Nobody is making it out of that sucker alive. Here's a different type of monster slasher. You don't even see who the Jersey Devil for a long time in the film. The movie cuts the BS, but seems to have a lot of pointlessness, you don't know what the director was trying to go for with the making of this film. You're just left confused and kinda like WTF the whole movie. The rabies angle was poorly used to show a dillusional father. Like who would ignore a bite that was getting worse for days upon days? And it's kind of obvious that it was rather, but seemingly the father was oblivious about his own disease. There's about a 5 minute clip after the credits that possibly had enough of a story to lead into a second film, that as of now has yet to happen.

Adrian D (fr) wrote: Liked the look of the cover, never judge! Pitiful acting, generic story and far too similar to others in the genre. $5.99 I could of spent somewhere else

Sean S (ca) wrote: Dang, low ratings why? This movie was a great story and funny. For a low budget film they brought together a star cast and cast them out of their typical roles and got great work from them. This is funny, prep school, goat herders, new age spirtualism. Fun all around.

Brendan N (ca) wrote: Campy horror film that brings back the level of Evil Dead to the mainstream. The film sinks the most when it attempts to correct its main character or when they explain how to save her. The ending is brilliant but annoying at the same time as the lead character turned out to be an idiot. There are lots of uncomfortable moments and Raimi magic humour, that's one of the main reasons to watch it. Justin Long is just wasted as the support and seems way too restrained.

Brittany S (us) wrote: I'm going to watch this tonight =D

Eric N (ca) wrote: Johnnie To trying to do kathryn bigelow meets tony scott with John Woo action. For typical Johnnie To movies thus far, this has double the style and substance compared to the dull triad movies that people think are high art just for being different.An action-drama with a fresh but unsatisfying plot, it's somewhere between amazing and awful and it is tough to decide. I respect the international appeal attempt. I feel the To and La-Fai team is still learning here but improving quickly.This is their big sell out commercial flick and it's goofy and yet very watchable. I wouldn't be able to recommend it however.

Greg K (ru) wrote: An interesting kid take. Eh... Filmed in NYC, and it has Mischa Barton.

Toby E (nl) wrote: Better than I expected but still falls short of what it could have been.Keitel's characters rampages was done well.

Doctor S (ca) wrote: Wow this looks terrible with a demented cast (including BA Woods) and nobody has seen it. Head screams no, gut says yes!

Shy Gurl h (gb) wrote: its not disney made, so it must no b good

Elise P (de) wrote: From the director of Re-Animator comes another adaptation of a H.P. Lovecraft story. No where near as deliciously gory and hilarious as Re-Animator this inferior film is sexist and gratuitous, but without much of the over the top cheesiness. The psychology and scientific elements that are the focus of the story are loosely based on fact at the most. There are some interesting and strange elements, but the effects are pretty bad and the plot doesn't make much sense. Overall a disappointing film.

Donna H (ru) wrote: This is another little gem that deserves more attention than it got when it came out. It's very minimalist-- no big special effects, no dramatic fight scenes. Just a gentle and sincere story of a couple of ordinary people (one is a formerly famous singer who lost it all due to alcoholism; one is a young widow trying to make sense of a world where her husband was killed in Vietnam and she was left to support herself and her son). Duvall, a great actor, even learned how to play country music to make his role as down-on-his-luck singer Mac Sledge more realistic. Music is the soundtrack of Mac's life, letting him express what he cannot easily say. You will find yourself drawn to these characters-- Mac's struggle with faith and his effort to rebuild his life is only one subplot, as is his conflicted relationship with his ex-wife and daughter. This movie offers no easy answers to life's big questions, but you will come away from it with a new-found respect for human resilience and how music (and love) can help us get through even the most difficult times.

Davide L (it) wrote: io ne ho visti di film brutti ma questo li batte TUTTI , e non sto scherzando , di una trashaggine immane , lo schifo non ha confini e questo Freerunner ne la prova!

Steve C (es) wrote: This movie was so intense, so real, and so sad. Michael B. Jordan was unforgettable as Oscar Grant. The cast were all superb. The fact the movie did not try to make a statement about Police over-reaction, made it so muc better. The BART Police are known for being tough, but this time, they went too far. Fruitvale station is a stop that obviously the BART Police are concerned about, but to act in the manner they did, was way over the top. It was a brawl and was over by the time BART cops arrived. The BART police worked each other into a frenzy which resulted in this cop killing Oscar on the ground handcuffed. They prejudged the participants before they even started rounding them up on the platform. Being a cop is not an easy job, but we got to start making sure these guys/girls are ready for stuff like this. Adrenaline gets in the way of judgment, and this is what sometimes happen. A film i wont ever forget...

Brett C (nl) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:Otto Preminger's River of No Return surprised me, given that this is one of Preminger's lesser known films and I have heard many remarks that this was one of the weaker films from Marilyn Monroe's filmography. It provided a story that had me invested in its characters and supported with the use of Cinemascope that left me visually engaged. It does contain some flaws in its screenplay and direction but they never reached to a point of being unbearable and damaging the other aspects of the film.On its surface, the film provides a simple plot about revenge and justice but viewing the film only from this angle, would barely cover on why this film is so entertaining. The film spends an appropriate amount of time fleshing out the back-stories of its lead characters, while also connecting them to the important themes of the film. The film in its core is trying to demonstrate the idea of social injustice and the damaging effects of human nature; the obsession of claiming back what we believe is deservingly ours. The film, for the most part, depicts the consequences of these characters to be irreversible but redeems itself right at the very end; I was torn with this as I personally feel that society still possesses a selfish and destructing attitude but at the same time, even if we are not close to perfection, I also see a sense of improvement in our ability to tolerate different cultures and values.My disappointments are found with the film's depiction of the Indian society, as here they come off as villains and savages. It actually made it hard for me to sympathise the loss that the protagonist suffered.The film's photography was gorgeous. The use of Cinemascope allowed the story to feel much larger than what it actually is. Even when we are watching an intimate story, there was always this large weight that surrounds its characters. The photography was one of the main reasons why I truly felt the sense of threat that these characters are in, and mind you they are abundant.The performances in this film ranged from good to fantastic. Robert Mitchum, who plays the leading man in this film, was certainly a man's man. In each scene he was in, an element of dominance was displayed and demonstrating vulnerability with subtlety. Marilyn Monroe was a revelation here, playing a role that is certainly out of her comfort zone. She never at all, seemed awkward in the role; she actually suits playing a character with a bit of grit in her personality. The musical sequences she performed was different and entertaining, the down to earth quality she brings has convinced me that she was, at the time of her fame, a force to be reckoned with.River of No Return may not be the perfect film, and I did not expect it to be, but it is a great one. This was a great starting point in exploring Otto Preminger's filmography and a unique entry in Monroe's acting career.