The Downfall of Berlin: Anonyma

The Downfall of Berlin: Anonyma

A woman tries to survive the invasion of Berlin by the Soviet troops during the last days of World War II.

A woman tries to survive the invasion of Berlin by the Soviet troops during the last days of World War II. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin Z (es) wrote: A "documentary" made by the director who is one of the subjects that the film is about. This film glorifies the Bra Boys, who are nothing more than the Australian surf version of a British soccer thug. Everything shown is from the opinion of a Bra Boy in how they got into fights with the police and were innocent of all actions.

Frog Brothers (br) wrote: Dammed Nazi zombies!!

IOnell S (br) wrote: Yo que esperaba una historia de amor cursi, pues nunca haba escuchado nada de esta pelcula y vaya sorpresa. Una historia terrorfica de esclavitud y perdida de la inocencia de la peor manera pensada, con geniales interpretaciones y sin final feliz, muy por el contrario para sacar de quicio a cualquiera. Una excelente combinacin de drama y suspenso.

Heather N (us) wrote: I'm not really sure about this one... I heard it was pretty funny, but I think it might have some sexual stuff that I don't want to waste my time over, so I might change my mind about this one....

Jason Y (es) wrote: In My Sleep made me seriously giggle. I haven't seen anything like it for so long. It's sort of like a psychological thriller version of The Room. Nothing really makes that much sense (and it's over dramatic), although I'll grant these filmmakers a little bit more room for growth than the infamous Tommy Wiseau. Now if only a film can be worthy of its Hitchcock comparison...

Nathan E (us) wrote: The perfect scary movie, mixing tension with laughs in a fast-paced story. One of the best thrillers out there. Not kidding.

Fela L (jp) wrote: A very humanitarian movie. Patrick Swayze always giving his best in everything he did. Great Movie.

Jose C (ca) wrote: A good suspense and even horror movie!

Miranda T (es) wrote: It was a great escape of political statement of how people fight against something they believe.

Tim W (au) wrote: Spin-off of a spin-off is just a bad idea. Lacking in charm and spirit, and a completely unnecessary movie.